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Topic: problems loading/playing instruments

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    problems loading/playing instruments

    I have a PIII 800EB, 512MB RAM.
    In GigaStudio, I can load and play as many instruments as I want until about half the memory is used. The memory meter shows around 50%.
    I can load one more instrument, but when I do I can no longer here ANY of them, including the ones that were loaded and playing fine.
    What\'s going on here? According to the meter I\'m only using about half the available memory.
    I have 2 256MB 133MHz DIMM modules.
    Anyone else have this problem?

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    Re: problems loading/playing instruments

    I don\'t have your particular problem, but when I pass the 50-60% memory load, random audio glitches sometimes get introduced. I have 384 megs, and Nemesys beleives these audio glitches are being caused by Windows as the memory gets over this threshold. If I stay under the 50-60% threshold I do not have these problems. I do not beleive my problem changes If I try it with 256 megs. I am a little off the subject, but I found it interesting that you are having a different memory type problem when you exceed the 50% + threshold.

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    Re: problems loading/playing instruments

    Wasn\'t there a similiar problem in Gigasampler for people using over 256 megs that was supposed to be fixed by upgrading to 1.61?

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    Re: problems loading/playing instruments

    FWIW, the project I\'m working on at the moment uses a performance that takes up 72% of memory. (System has 384 meg.) I can run Cakewalk on the same system with virtually no pops, but I can only get about 60 voices max (so I have to capture to disk a *lot*!). Nemesys confirms that my AMD-K6-2 is probably not the best CPU for GSt, so (*sigh*) I\'ll probably have to spring for an Athlon in a few months....

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    Re: problems loading/playing instruments

    Well I\'m glad I\'m not the only one to encounter memory problems.
    When I had only 256MB, I remember loading instruments until the meter got up above 90% (and that\'s why I got more memory). I don\'t remember any clicks or pops, and all the instruments at least sounded.
    Is windows 2000 supposed to use memory better? I guess we\'ll have to wait for a new version of GSt that supports it.
    For now I guess I\'ll have to use mono versions of some of the instruments in order to load a full orchestra.

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    Re: problems loading/playing instruments

    I should probably mention that I didn\'t do any sequencing with 90% of the memory used by GSt, but I do remember sequencing with the memory load well above 50%.

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