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Topic: Best Flute samples (ethnic)

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    Best Flute samples (ethnic)

    I am looking for a good sounding
    penny whistle and a good sounding bamboo flute or
    Native flute.
    All of the sampled flutes that I have heard sound
    pretty fake.
    thanks for your help!!!

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    Re: Best Flute samples (ethnic)

    I haven\'t been able to download it all yet due to my slow connection but Thomas J made a Pan Flute... and its free! From what I\'ve heard its quite expressive and contains different articulations with key switching. Its about 24mb.


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    Re: Best Flute samples (ethnic)

    Hey thanks so much for the tip!
    I tried to download the file on my mac
    and created a simple text file.
    Can someone tell me how to download this file
    on a mac?


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    Re: Best Flute samples (ethnic)

    Funny for me to run across this post today because 2 days ago I was looking everywhere for a good penny whistle sample. I just bought \"World Winds\" from Ilio and got it today. It has really great penny whistle samples and other ethnic flutes. I highly recommend it

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    Re: Best Flute samples (ethnic)

    Thanks for the link, Ed, and thanks to Thomas too ! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Dave, to download on mac, you have to keep the key alternate down while you\'re cliking on the link.


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    Re: Best Flute samples (ethnic)

    I was looking for Ethnic flutes a month ago - and than I found Ilio world winds - very nice, but it is AKAI....(so forget about velocity layers, Keyswithces and stuff...)
    otherwise - there is no other sample CD whit so many ethic flutes as far I know - so I reccomend it.

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