Hi All
Usually when you think of the CD format you think of 16 bit 44.1 standard . And the DVD standard as 24 bit 96k. But at this point DVD recorders are around $5.000, unless your talking about DVD ram ,which Ive heard you can\'t play back on a standard DVD player. So that leaves me with a question about CD\'s

OK lets say Ive competed a recording session using giga studio and cakewalk and Im using that new 24 bit piano in giga studio and all the other instruments in cakewalk were recorded in 24 bit .I know I can save it as data on a CD , 24 bit just take up more room than 16 bit,so Ill get fewer songs on there. But now I can\'t play it and here the full 24 bits because the converters on a CD player are 16 bit. But what if I play it on a DVD/CD player where the converters are 24 bit 96k .Could I in this case actually play back 24 bit music ,recorded on to a cd played back on a DVD/CDplayer?