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Topic: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

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    GigaStudio, is it so cool?


    Does anybody know about a demo (crack?) version of the GigaStudio?
    I do NOT want to rip people off (i.e.Nemesys), but before buying a registered copy, I feel it is fair to have a chance to test it. How is it behaving?...

    No offence, I really want to BUY it AFTER testing! (Once opened a software box, it is yours, no return accepted, isn\'t it?)


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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    Tinerelu, I haven\'t heard about such a thing (i.e.\"demo/crack\" of GSt), but why don\'t you visit a local dealer or so?

    I understand your frustration to buy something you cannot test before.


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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    I know there is a cracked versions of GSampler, and i must say that i propably wouldn\'t have bought the program incase i\'d never gotten the the chance to try it out first. i know it\'s illegal, sorry nemesys, but i\'m not in the position where i can spend lots of bucks on a product not knowing if it will work properly on my system at all.
    an available trial version from nemesys would be in the best interest of the company.
    I will propably try out a cracked version of Gstudio too before bying it.
    sue me.


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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    hey Guys We do not endorse illegal software here. If you can tell us what area your from maybe we can let you know where there is a dealer you can try it out at. gigasampler products are very affordable (any where between $99 to $699)at any nemesys authorized dealer. I don\'t know of any sampler in that price range right now. You can\'t lose with those prices.

    PaPa Chalk

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by PaPa Chalk:
    [B]You can\'t lose with those prices.

    I must say I agree and disagree at the same
    time. The gigasampler appears to have very
    high performance requirements on the
    It would be nice to find out about potential
    problems before buying the package.
    Why not distribute a free demo (which might
    play only 1 fixed sound only on Channel 1 and
    with no edit features)?

    I still have the problem (accidentally posted
    in the sound card section) that the sounds I
    playback are stuttering unless I keep the
    \"Config\" window open or play through the
    instrument editor. - Both of which prevents
    me from using the capture feature.

    Although this may be a configuration problem,
    I suspect the program doesn\'t like my hard-
    ware configuration.

    Best regards,

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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    Supposedly, Guitar Center is supposed to have
    demo copies of Gstudio working. Maybe Nemesys can make sure that that is really happening.

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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    I actually bought Gigasampler LE for $79. It was either Sweetwater.com, or computersandmusic.com... Either one, my local dealer matched the price.

    Beware of a guy on one of the auction sites. He claims to sell Gigasampler full version for $30. Says it comes in a jewel case with no markings, manual in PDF format, and installation instructions are included... Methinks he\'s just selling a radium version, he wouldn\'t return any of my emails when I questioned him about this...

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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    I think Nemesys should make a demo. Maybe it would just run for 5 minutues so someone could see how it works on their system.

    I\'m a user who didn\'t buy GigaSampler last year because I couldn\'t see the darn thing in action, anywhere. I finally took a risk and purchased it just to see. But, what a risk that is since most places won\'t take back software even if it doesn\'t work on your system.

    Because Nemesys does not offer a demo, I believe they are loosing possible customers. It\'s too bad, because I really, really love this program and want to see Nemesys grow and grow.

    A proud GigaStudio160 owner,

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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    Before I bought GStaudio 96, I went to a popular music store, here in Ottawa, Canada, called Steve\'s Music. Not surprisingly, they had a full version installed on one of their computers in order for customers to \"try before you buy\". I had the opportunity to compare GStudio and RAM based samplers. The GPiano and the Advanced Orchestra convinced me that GStudio was by far, to my ears anyway, the better sampler.

    But, I agree. For those of you, for whatever reason, cannot go to a music store where you could demo the GStudio, then Nemesys should make a demo CD and either sell it dirt cheap or have one available for download. They do have a demo of the GPiano though, and it sounds good.

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    Re: GigaStudio, is it so cool?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PaPa Chalk:
    gigasampler products are very affordable (any where between $99 to $699)at any nemesys authorized dealer. I don\'t know of any sampler in that price range right now. You can\'t lose with those prices.

    PaPa Chalk

    I do not agree with the price argument!
    I built a complete PC dedicated for the Giga programs: a PIII-550, all Intel chips, 512 Mb Ram, 2 speedy UDMA66 Maxtors, etc. AGP video not to hog the PCI bus, etc. If you add the (i paid the original!) price for GigaSampler, I think this is still expensive stuff.
    You don\'t get a complete sampler for a few hundreds bucks, you have to add specific hardware to get the right performance

    Furthermore, for this money you also buy quite a significant risk for time-consuming problems, whereas a hardware sampler is a lot more reliable. I bought the GSt upgrade, and it simply does not even start (crashes). I am forced to spend several hours trying to install, clean the machine, revert to GigaSampler, try to contact Nemesys, etc. I a lucky to know quite a lot about hard- and software (being a sr. software engineer/designer). I wouldn\'t recommended this to someone just starting with PC\'s.

    I still like GigaSampler for what it offers to me (I use mainly Adv. Orch. : great!), but I will probably wait for the next (FREE!!!) update/patch for GigaStudio.

    Regards to all!
    Peter Roos
    The Netherlands

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