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Topic: Steinway discontinued ?

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    It has been almost three weeks since your reply. Do you know when 1.05 will be released?

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    Hi Sergio,
    I'd added in OSX Mountain Lion support, and there's some minor issues left to deal with on it. It'll go through verification (hopefully quick) and get posted. Best wishes,

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    Does that imply it will be 64-bit AU compatible so it can be used in 64-bit MainStage?

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    It worked ok for me in Main Stage 64 bit, just simply loading and playing. So while that isn't a guarantee, I think in practice it's likely to be fine

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    Is this update (1.05) already available??
    Can't find it on the website.

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    Any news about the update?

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    Quote Originally Posted by sergiobklyn View Post
    Any news about the update?
    Yes, from:

    01-13-2010, 08:51 PMJeff Hurchalla

    Re: To Jeff Hurchalla: Rough schedule for Version 1.05
    I'm glad to head you've liked v1.04. good to hear. We're not giving estimated release dates for the next update, just as general policy for all the software releases. Nevertheless, I can give you more context that maybe you'd find helpful. v1.04 was really challenging from a development point of view, so you might be safe to assume that v1.05 will take less time to complete. However the scope is a bit larger than 1.04 - my current work for the the Steinway D (most likely for release in 1.05) involves a new voicing of Pro/Standard and pedaling improvements.

    So any day now ...

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    Is version 1.05 going to be released? This is taking a very long time. Is this the kind of service that we should expect now that Makemusic acquired Garritan?

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    Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    You know, this has been going on for some time now. I've seen users post some negative comments here on this forum hoping to get the fixes they have been promised,only to see those posts get deleted. The GAS is the first and only Garritan product I have ever purchased. $400 is the most I've ever paid for a single VST. I don't think I'll ever purchase another one of their products.

    Let's see how much time laspes before my post gets deleted.

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    Attn Jeff --Re: Steinway discontinued ?

    Jeff - you have put a lot of work on this. Before everyone jumps ship, I hope your work will be posted. It will be interesting to hear the results of it.
    Please let us know the status. I know I am barely hanging on to the idea that there will be an update, others may be hanging on or have given up.

    If there is not going to be an update, please. THANKS.

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