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Topic: Large disk speeds

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    Large disk speeds

    I heard awhile back that your sound disk shouldn\'t be too big because the seek times are longer. Is this true? Is anybody using anything over 120gb and seeing any speed problems?

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    Re: Large disk speeds

    That\'s funny. I was just talking to a guy at Sweetwater about using a larger drive with my Gigastudio, and he said that the larger drives are faster, especially a 120 gig. Something to do with the data being smaller because the disk is the same size.....
    Hope he wasn\'t blowing smoke.


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    Re: Large disk speeds

    We use large drives in our Truespec systems as do people at Tascam.

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    Re: Large disk speeds

    Large drives are usually faster. This is because they have more platters and more heads, which are all reading in parallel, but the seek distance is the same as a smaller drive since the platters are the same size.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Large disk speeds

    as martin said, the size of the disk is not important for the speed

    what really matters is the rotation speed. the current ATA drives get to 7600rpm, and though the old 7600rpm ones were noisy and got too hot, the current ones are noiseless compared to all the fans spinning in the box [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    another thing i\'ve found to be extremeely important is to have the samples in a defragmented disk o partition. having the data grouped makes hd searches quite shorter

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    Re: Large disk speeds

    I\'ve used this site to find the best prices for the hardware I purchase. I hope you find what you are looking for. You can search by manufacturer if you want. Seagate& WD appear to be the most recommended on this board. 7200 rpms of course [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Click on HD\'s


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    Re: Large disk speeds

    Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive Drive with about 200-250gb?

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    Re: Large disk speeds

    I would go for the 120 or 160 gb
    Here you got a good listing
    HD prices

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    Re: Large disk speeds

    Those capacities don\'t seem large enough when you consider that the pro edition of VSL alone is supposed to be 230gb.

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    Re: Large disk speeds

    I\'ve been using a 120 gb for over a year with no disk related problems. It will still click and pop on occassion but I don\'t think it has anything to do with the drive size.

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