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Topic: Gstudio instrument channel allocation

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    Gstudio instrument channel allocation

    I\'m using Gstudio 160 with Cakewalk 9 and have an odd problem. GS seems to re-assign instruments to some channels, overwriting my instrument selection. There are no patch events in the midi file. It happens before any notes are played, so it\'s probably Cakewalk doing some wierd initialisation.
    Or possibly a GS bug.
    I can sometimes end up with one instrument assigned to 3 channels, and the instruments I want to use are detached!
    Does anyone know how I can stop this happening?

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    Re: Gstudio instrument channel allocation

    When I have had this problem, I set the bank and patch to \"none\" in Cakewalk and then Gigasampler works fine.


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    Re: Gstudio instrument channel allocation

    Thanks Terry, I had bank set to none, but not patch. That did the trick.

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    Re: Gstudio instrument channel allocation

    I\'m using Gigasampler with Sibelius and having the same problem with weird channel reallocation. If I load several channels with instruments the sequence may play correctly once but then Gigasampler suddenly allocates the sample from Channel 1 to all 15 other channels as well (except Channel 10).
    Also, I don\'t understand the Help menu protocol for \"attaching\" a sample to a channel.
    Sibelius apparently does not allow you to specify \"none\" in instruments also. I plan to query them about this problem as well.

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    Re: Gstudio instrument channel allocation

    Hi Roger

    Did you get an answer from Sibelius. We are having the same problem here.

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