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Topic: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

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    [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    Since it\'s been a little slow lately, I was wondering what sequencers everyone uses. I have just made the switch myself from Cubase to Logic. Maybe also share what kind(s) of music you compose and what platform you are on.

    So, my info:

    Logic Platinum 6 (Mac OS 9)
    Mostly classical to rock


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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    I use, and HIGHLY recommend, Cakewalk Sonar XL. It\'s the best digital audio sequencer I\'ve ever used! Gary [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    I use Sonar XL.

    Tires ain\'t pretty either, but they get you where you want to go!

    -- Martin

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    Sonar XL

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    Cubase SX. I started with Logic years ago, but switched because, at the time, they were really only supporting drivers for their own hardware, which sucked. Now I love Cubase.

    I do mainly jazz, orchestral, and rock composition and recording, with a little dance/electronic stuff on the side.

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    I used Digital Performer for about 10 years, then when MOTU dropped the ball on their development and customer relations in a very similiar fashion as to what Tascam is doing with Gigastudio I switched to Logic and haven\'t looked back since! I started with Logic Audio and was blown away by a lot of features. Now that I upgraded to Platinum I like it even more.

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    I compose in Sibelius, and then take the MIDI output to my old, ancient version of Cakewalk Home 7 for fine tuning. If I\'m doing percussion or techno, I go straight to CW. For audio/vidio I use Vegas/ACID/SoundForge.

    So, why don\'t I upgrade? Because while Sonar has added lots on the audio-side, the MIDI sequencing is nearly unchanged from CWH7. If there are any compelling features, I wasn\'t able to find them.

    I liked the presentation of the controller data in the Cubase editor better, but find the operation unendurable. Try moving a piano-roll note from a B to a Bb, then drag it to the previous beat and lengthen it. In CW you just drag it up/down/right/left, and you can also change the duration all with the mouse right there. With Cubase you have to drag your mouse between the toolbar and the note, over and over again. Terrible.

    I\'d like to try Logic, but can\'t justify the cost of the Mac and the SW, just to twiddle some MIDI parameters. My money is better spent on libraries. Same for DP.

    But if anybody can give me a really compelling reason or two to upgrade I will. Personally, I haven\'t found it yet.

    BTW, I think I paid like $79 for CWH7 back in the last century.

    -Jon \"Luddite\" Fairhurst

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    Nuendo, Cubase SX and Wavelab 4. I\'m a real Steiny fan, can you tell!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Actually I hated Steinberg\'s stuff until Nuendo first appeared and used Cakewalk software for the most part before, but I think Steinberg are right on the money for my needs with the current batch. They are just so well designed and speedy to use.

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    Sonar for me!

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    Re: [OT] What sequencer do you smoke?

    SONAR\'s the best, in my opinion. I\'ve tried using Logic, and it\'s confusing as hell. SONAR\'s got a real easy to use interface.

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