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Topic: Sample start by trigger AND Mod-wheel?

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    Sample start by trigger AND Mod-wheel?


    I have just tried converting my new Halion bass to Kontakt and i wanted to select samples by Keyswitch ANF modwheel, so that the modwheel decide 4 different strings.

    I thought I could do this by assigning the mod-wheel to control volume and then make 4 differnt settings.

    It works - but the problem is that if the modwheel is at 0 and I play a note and hold it, then turn modwheel to 32 (to swicth from E to A string) the held note fades into the note from A-string!!

    I know this is a great feature to use fro brass instruments, but isn\'t there a way to turn fade-function off and have a note off when switching from one position to another?

    I guess what we need is the possibility to have BOTH sample start by trigger AND sample start by mod-wheel.

    Is the update gonna fix that?

    I can\'t release the Kontakt bass version before this...

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    Re: Sample start by trigger AND Mod-wheel?

    cant you draw every CC\'s curve?

    I dunno maybe I\'m not getting what you\'re trying, besides I\'m really ngreen with Kontakt [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I still haven\'t really gotten into its Keyswitching features.

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    Re: Sample start by trigger AND Mod-wheel?

    Hi King Idiot,

    Ok - in Halion I can do this:

    Use 8 keyboard triggers to control articulations.


    0-31 selects samples on E-String
    32-63 selects samples on A-String
    64-95 selects samples on D-String
    96-127 selects samples on G-String

    Now, when trying to do this in Kontakt I have to \"cheat\" because you can only assign one kind of sample-start controller: it\'s either key-trigger OR Mod-wheel.

    So I have tried to \"cheat\" by setting mod-wheel to control volume of the 4 strings, by drawing squares so that when mod-wheel is at 0-31 voulume is full up for E-string etc.

    Now since there is no note-off send when you switch the mod-wheel the notes played before you switch position will be \"faded in\"

    Ex: mod-wheel 0. play A2 on E-string - hold the key and switch modwheel to 64 (D-Strng) now the A2 note will morf into the A2 on D-string.
    This is how the fade should work - but I don\'t want that!!

    I anly want new notes to sounds when I switch mod-wheel. (sample-start)

    Unfortunately I can\'t use program-changes either as Kontakt don\'t have that feature...

    It\'s really bad for me since I have many Kontakt users waiting for the bass.


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    Re: Sample start by trigger AND Mod-wheel?


    ok I get it now! Yah I think you\'re screwed [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    There might be some way to trick it into working as a multi instrument, but thats jsut too much prolly.

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    Re: Sample start by trigger AND Mod-wheel?

    [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] too complex for me!
    you can layer the srings and start experimenting with the mod wheel settings to see if you can get them to switch; I doubt it will work. You will always have crossfades.

    I think you need another approach to this to make this work.
    I think you need to use the mod wheel as a switch in the source page \"on controller\'(not in the amp page). There you can dictate the exact range it should respond to: eg. cc1 = val 1-35 (group 1), cc1 = val 36-64 (group 2) and so on.
    Then another set of groups could use the traditional keyswitches for the articulations.
    This is just guessing I\'m afraid!


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    Re: Sample start by trigger AND Mod-wheel?

    Hello Michiel!

    My problem is that I need both switch-keys AND modwheel to select which samples to play.


    Strings could be selected by program-changes.

    Alternatively you can have strings on different channels, but this is a bit un-cool since you have to set channel number for both notes, swich-keys and all kinds of controllers - like pitch bend. I have been there... and it is a lof of programming. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    As it is now Halion takes the lead in flexible programming. If I should do the same with Giga (as the structure is now) I would need 16(velocities) x 8 (keyswitch) x 2 (release samples) x 4(string select) = 1024 dimensions!!! [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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