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Topic: Film Music Production ( I Need guides and advices ) O_O

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    Film Music Production ( I Need guides and advices ) O_O

    Sup all! And yep I need some recommendations for film music production regarding about the softwares I should & should not get. I really need some advice...
    I doubt I know all the necessary tools needed for doing film music so please tell me /explain what is needed for film scoring so to improve my future workflow
    (Apologies if there's too much info to handle o_o skip to "equipments" for what I'm using )

    Here's some information about me:

    Was just a secondary school grad ,now I'm going to an arts college soon, studying audio production.
    I had experienced with film and video production before as I took part in some short courses, assisted my friends in their film projects, did some scripts storyboards and camera angel stuff.
    PS- I do Plan to do some scoring for some films if I'm good enough ... for now .. I need loads of practice. (:

    I'm classically trained in piano for about 6 years and moved on to more contemporary improvisation stuff for another 2 years now (yes... playing/forming chords)
    I played percussions/drums & trombone for the school concert band during my secondary school days.
    I also picked up learnt some basic guitar along the way.
    I also had music theory lessons before for 6 years therefore quite familiar with reading and writing music too (although I rarely picked up a physical pencil and actually write it physically)

    As for the sort of music I listen to... I listen to almost anything and everything( from classical to rock, electronica to metal, progressive to alternative) it all comes down to my mood. But I can say instrumental music is one of my favorite (all the piano,orchestral and some synths stuff or just synths and some piano themselves)

    As for favorite artist/composers ... I've too many and lazy to list em here :P

    I mostly play random improvisations on the piano or stack up random samples on the DAW I'm using via my midi controller.

    Started out with garageband then a little bit of logic and moved on to my current and main DAW: Cubase 6.5
    I did some recording & mixed for improvisations of tracks that are in the genre of pop,rock and metal.
    I only have 1 permanent sound library/vst (which I already bought) which is Omnisphere. The rest I used were 60days free triads from steinberg which already expired... Therefore I need afew new libraries/vst in the near future.

    Currently I'm starting to learn to produce electronic music with Reason 5.

    Currently I'm using my old and slow 15inch 2009 macbook pro as the main workstation and I do plan to upgrade to a Mac Pro desktop with a quad core xeon processor sometime next year after Apple refresh it once again. Although I still prefer using Windows because they got more free VST available online but PC(s) don't really support firewire therefore I decide to boot up parallel windows on my future Mac Pro with double monitors so I can have the best of both worlds. So I wouldn't have to figure out countless hours to configure softwares/hardwares with the computer.

    I do plan to go for the East West Quantum Leap Complete Composers Collections over the Komplete 8 because I don't really play the electric guitar.... and I don't really produce tons of electronics music (for now) so buying Komplete 8 isn't gonna be worth for me. Also.. I'm more of a keyboardist sort of person and EWQL Complete composers collections do gonna assist me loads with their guitar library. Also I prefer the pianos and orchestral instruments in EWQL than to Komplete's KONTAT's library..

    And oh! Almost forgot... I use the Saffire Pro 14 (FireWire) for my audio interface.

    What do you think? Is it a good move that I'm making? Or is there anything missing? O_o

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    Re: Film Music Production ( I Need guides and advices ) O_O

    Sounds like you're on the right track.

    A couple of things to keep in mind...

    The EWQL PLAY requires a decent amount of RAM and CPU power - especially some of the newer libraries. If you plan on doing heavy duty orchestral work you will want to aim for at least 16+ GB of RAM on you next machine. You can get by with much less for now if you're just using the CCC libraries (ie not Hollywood Strings etc), but it's just something to keep in mind.

    Not sure why you say PC's don't really support firewire...

    I suggest you get the libraries you really want to start with - mess around with as many free plugins as you can until you've decided what you need next etc. Film scoring requires a very diverse range, at our level we don't have the luxary of scoring sweeping orchestral scores exclusively, so it's good to have a bunch of libraries at your disposal - of course you don't want to just buy everything if you can't afford it, there are more important things to worry about when you're just getting started.

    The Composers Collection is good because it gives you a great range - you get everything from a tuba to taiko drums to vocals and percussion...ethnic instruments...it's really good for a film composer to get started with and then work out what they want from there.

    Aside from the tech stuff...which no doubt you'll figure out more and more as you go on...

    One thing I have noticed over the last couple of years as I have been getting into scoring for films is that way too many composers spend too much time yapping with other composers and making demos and not enough time writing music for films. Seems stupid but you'd be surprised. There's no doubt there is merit in talking with your fellow composers, of course, but to a point - they most likely can't get you a job because they're working like hell to get one for themselves - so it's far more important to really hone your skills with picture and make friends with directors and producers.

    Score as many flicks as you can. Student films, festival films, there's always someone looking for music for free. When you want to get paid then it gets tough - but it's a great way to learn. Also re-scoring trailers and movies that you like is a good excersize.

    If you're going to write orchestral music I suggest you look into 'Orchestration' by Samuel Adler, but actually there's also a great free interactive Orchestration course here on the forum - and it is really worthwhile. Obviously you'll want to be looking at as many scores as possible, both film scores and anything and everything else...

    Anyway the best thing to do is just do it - get what you need to get started and you'll figure out the rest as you go.

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