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Topic: Sax updates and a new demo

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    Sax updates and a new demo

    There are a new art-file for the Bigga Giggas Tenor sax with some legato patches and other cool stuff. You can get it
    Patrick de Caumette also made a very nice demo, you can D/L that here
    If you wanna read more about the BG Tenor sax, you can do so here

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo

    I\'ve been exploring the Tenor sax since I purchased it (about 3-4 weeks).
    Although I did not use it in anything finished yet, I think it\'s a very decent -if no perfect- instrument : good sound, good articulations.
    What IMO would have been really great :
    - some art files for people using breath control (it\'s likely that many people who really dig saxes have some kind of B.C)
    - a little more variety : more kinds (nuances) of growls, 2 or 3 different falls , a longer sforzando (the included one lasts about half a second !)
    Hope this will be taken into account for next volumes ! Speaking about that, when is the next one scheduled ?
    Congratulations to P. de Caumette : I think this demo gives the best of this sax ! Just one criticism : I would really have liked to hear more.....

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo

    Your comments definitely noted.......
    Regarding other saxes....Alto is complete and in testing. Bari will complete in less than one week and be tested. Soprano probably a month from now or a tiny bit more.

    All source wavs in Alto, Bari & Soprano are a bit longer than Tenor. I do feel your statement about time of sforzando is a bit low....I believe most are closer to 3.5 seconds...I tried to give a swell that would be usable at a lot of tempos.

    When recording the Tenor samples, I regarded the special voicings as a nice little extra feature, but not nearly as important as Long Smooth and Long Vibrato in multi-velocity. However; upon discovering that in Giga one can Crossfade from Smooth to Growl via ModWheel, the importance of longer \"specials\" became greater. The Crossfade Presets are so easy to use that one desires more more more.....

    It would be nice to have more versions of growl, honk et al, but there are limits to this when one starts to really use a sample. Too many choices get confusing. Rather than a huge number of voicings, I chose to have a 2 velocity pair on each note for the specials such as growl. This gives very many possible expressions since every fall, etc is slightly different than its neighboring note. The User does not have to stretch a C4 Fall an octave or that sort of problem. As always, sample making ends up being the story of compromise...

    The new articulation patch on the Tenor added ModWheel Crossfades Growl to Smooth and Smooth to Growl. Also Crossfade patches for Smooth to Flutter, plus a Keyswitch Legato Emulation was added to 10 Crossfade Presets. This makes the Tenor more usable than the previous version.

    Regarding Breath Controller Presets....In my humble opinion, anybody who owns and uses a Breath Controller is probably very aware of how they personally like to tweak a sample voice to accept B.C. command...I am always happy to assist any Bigga Giggas owner regarding add-on editing that they may want to undertake.

    Giga can accept control messages by virtual faders and so many other methods that the number of possible Presets can be excessive...
    There are already 38 Presets in the updated Tenor.
    I can certainly create a few more useful articulation presets for the Alto, Bari & Soprano....perhaps Filtering via B.C.? No need for Vibrato via B.C. because there is multi-velocity of real vibrato...

    Apologies for long winded reply, but I do not go online much during final daze of sample creation, so I am trying to cover a lot here.
    best regards,
    John Thomas

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo


    I\'d still like to hear these reeds in an upbeat BEBOP tempo soloing and lead melody.
    Tempos of 180BPS to 200BPS would be fine.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo

    Thanks for your well documented reply, John.
    - About more articulations, well, it was just a wish : I think that just as it is, your Tenor Sax may give anyone wanting to try sax emulation enough good quality bread-and-butter to make it at its most efficient level.
    - About B.C, I would have loved those patches : I am something like nine below zero regarding GS editor, and if I ever used the BC feature, it was only with the Yamaha vl70, because patches are ready for it, and with my K2500, which is easy enough to program for it. I cannot spend time on this cryptic GS Edit interface (moreover GS Edit on my PC has a terrific tendancy to crash...) just to make BC patches. Well, maybe in the future ?
    - As for the other saxes close shipping, that\'s good news : the Tenor gets me satisfied enough to make me seriously consider purchasing the other ones !
    have a nice w.e

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo

    thank you for the compliment!
    Glad you enjoyed the short demo (sorry if it is too short). Paris me manque beaucoup [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Hi Alan,
    I only wrote a slow and medium tempo demos for this instrument. I\'d think that it would sound just as good if not better at faster tempos.
    In the future, if the opportinity comes up I promise I\'ll write a be bop demo for you [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo

    Hello there, If I may chime, in I think the sax sounds quite good at that tempo. I guess everyones concerns are arts. blending during fast runs, but I must say, the tone sounds great. IMO. Nice job on the demo Patrick. Nice use of the squawk in there my little french friend! Don\'t miss Paris, you live in the beautiful Garden State! Vancouver awaits....


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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo

    Beautiful Garden State got another rainy Saturday. Grass happy, leaping frog bumming out. Gimme sun [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo


    Very impressive. thanks

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    Re: Sax updates and a new demo

    Originally posted by leaping frog:
    Beautiful Garden State got another rainy Saturday. Grass happy, leaping frog bumming out. Gimme sun [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">\"Rainy day, dream away....\"

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