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Topic: El Mariachi samples...help!

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    El Mariachi samples...help!


    I\'m working on a project that needs some really authentic Mariachi type score...real Mexican styles guitars, trumpets and percussion, oh and that really cool acoustic bass guitar.

    Can anyone help me locate some sample libraries that would lend themselves to this style?

    Many thanks!

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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    Super Brass Section has some mexican performances. Sounded decent but not many of them though, if I remember right.


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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    How about hiring some guys for an afternoon and get them to play a bunch of different moods for you. I can\'t see how they\'d charge more than the price you\'d pay for the library and this way you\'d be sure it really sounds authentic.
    Be sure to have some Tequila handy... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    I have two acid libraries that I\'ve used for this kind of thing - Latin Percussion, and Total Spanish Guitar. I used a live trumpet player.


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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    Originally posted by midphase:

    Can anyone help me locate some sample libraries that would lend themselves to this style?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi midphase, I think you\'ll not find commercial samples of mariachi instruments. Vihuela(little strumed guitar type)and Guitarron(Bass notes) are traditional mexican mariachi instruments only made in Mexico. I have never heard a comercial track,movie score or jingle made with a sampled vihuela or guitarron. even in Mexico...
    If you want to emulate a real mariachi try to score this way:
    Bass Notes ( guitarron) use a Pizz Double bass. Try to filter or eq to made it sound softer and rounder than a traditional jazz double bass. Notes on guitarron are longer than pizz bass, try to change to change the realease on your instrument. guitarron players Always plays the Tonic of chord with 8va.( Imagine 3/4: C-C8va in first eigth, G 2nd eigth and G 3rd eigth)
    Guitar and vihuela: Very difficult to find a real sounds to emu [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] . My advice: Try some guitar strum patches and play some kind of arpegio...
    Trumpet: mariachi uses 2 trumpets. Vibrato is the signature of mariachi sound (have you heard old M1 trumpet patch? just add more LFO)
    Finally Violins. Mariachi arranges uses 3 violin voices. the violin section must be 8- 12 players.(Some modern mexican arranger add cellos to double at 8va the 1st violins voice)
    Some Mariachis uses 1 harp. and Modern mariachis add a 3rd trumpet. Please do not use Marimba!!
    If you want to hear mariachi music try to listen:
    Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. Mariachi Sol de Mexico. Mariachi Los Camperos, to name a few...

    Good luck. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    Thanks Jose, that\'s some really great info!

    If the budget will allow (this one is really tight boys), I\'ll try to hire a couple of guys from the Mexican pavillion at Epcot to lay down some grooves that I can build on.

    One of these days I\'d like to go to visit Mexico and come back with a Guitarron.

    Note to sample developers (including myself), there could be an untapped market here!

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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    I would love love love to hear a great Mariachi library, but I\'m not holding my breath. It\'s hard enough to find a decent trumpet sample as it is, let alone one as full and robust as the Mariachi style requires, and the trumpet samples would make or break the library.

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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    hi midphase,

    i posted the same question a few months ago and ended up with this really nice and helpful roland jv-board , which I put in my old and dusty 1080... long live hw ;-)

    cheers, sönke

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    Re: El Mariachi samples...help!

    Hi...Alesis also has some very nice Mariachi sounds in their Latin QCard for their QS series synthesizers.

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