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Topic: Need help with African Lyrics

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    Need help with African Lyrics

    Hello Everyone Sorry if I\'m a little off topic here but I was wondering if anyone here can speak an African language for a transcription of a song I\'m writing, I had Setswanna in mind for the song, but any African language would be ok, If you can speak or know anyone who can please contact me for the words to translate.



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    Re: Need help with African Lyrics

    I dont know if this will help but here is an English/Swahili - Swahili/English online dictionary for translation;


    There are a few around if you try a search through Google, some even have sample wav files for pronounciation.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Need help with African Lyrics


    I am originally from South Africa, but speak Afrikaans, which is basically like dutch. Otherwize, I have may South African friend I can contact that speak Northern Sotho, or Zulu, and can speak a little myself.

    Take Care


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    Re: Need help with African Lyrics

    Fantastic Scott-I did not even think about the online dictionary thing, good idea. Thank you again for your input. Dave If I do not find the info for the translatin I\'ll get back to you thanks again! The Song is a prayer that I\'m hoping to use on a Missions trip in the future so if you know of a more universal \"Afrikaan\" language than I\'ll cocentrate on that.


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