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Topic: Installing Galaxy ll And Vintage D Pianos ???

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    Installing Galaxy ll And Vintage D Pianos ???


    I recently purchased Galaxy ll and Vintage D Sample Libraries, but I'm confused about the installation process. It seems there is a Galaxy Vintage D Software install, Sample Library install, and Kontakt 4 install. Will be using a 7200 RPM internal Drive 320 GB to install both Libraries. There are no partitions on the Drive just one volume (Macintosh HD) It confirms choose a destination for Galaxy Vintage D Software (NOT the Sample Libraries) or for an alternative destination click Folder "Shared" (the Library does not have to be on the System Disk) but another internal or External HD.

    I intend putting both Libraries on the same 7200 internal Drive, but where should the Galaxy Vintage D go ? where should the Sample Library go ? and where should i be putting Kontakt 4 ?

    For the Kontakt 4 install there is an option for choosing VST AU an RTAS, being on a Mac i will be choosing AU, but would i need to install VST an RTAS as well ?

    Sorry! this is my first ever plugin install.

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    Re: Installing Galaxy ll And Vintage D Pianos ???


    It might be a good idea to post this in the General Discussion Forum, it seems to be the place everyone is posting for any topic. Someone there most likely with a Mac can be of more help.

    I'm not on a Mac but I have installed the Kontakt 5 player and "The Giant' recently.

    If you are putting everything on your internal drive it should be fairly straightforward. I would use the default location that the installer lists i.e. the Mac HD.

    I would install the Kontakt 4 player first and get it activated. Then install the software and libraries, each time using the default locations that the installer has listed. Here is a link to the manual I found at the Best Service Website. It shows you how to go about it. It is easier to do than explain it. (It's about 1.3 mb download)


    You will need to install VST if you want to use the plugins in a host DAW such as Sonar or in Sibelius or Finale for example.
    The RTAS is for use with ProTools. The first time I ever installed a plugin I didn't know what to install so I just installed everything. It hasn't caused any problems having them all there.

    Hope this has helped a bit.

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