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Topic: Bardstown Bosendorfer - comments and questions..

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    Bardstown Bosendorfer - comments and questions..


    First of all I have to thank you people for all the help I got on my last thread. I have to say I\'m very satisfied with the Bosendorfer, though I\'m definately going to buy the Yamaha C7 also, because both libaries are to good to miss out on! :-)

    Anyway, my compliments to Kip. I really like the sound of this piano. It just works with anything you throw at it. Jazz, rock or classical, it sounds great with any style. I love playing Chick Corea and early Keith Emerson stuff, and the very powerful f and ff layers are perfect for \"aggressive\" playing. Great job!

    Though, I tried to fool around with the lowpass filter, but I\'m not completely clear on how some of the different parameters work, and what they stand for. The help file doesn\'t do much good either...
    Let\'s say I wanted to use some dynamic lowpass filter on only the softest velocity layer, to \"simulate\" a fifth ppp layer (only affecting the lower half of the range of the softest layer). How can I do this?


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    Re: Bardstown Bosendorfer - comments and questions..


    Sorry, I must have failed to send you the documentation. I just sent it to you as an email.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

    Kindest regards,

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Bardstown Bosendorfer - comments and questions..

    Nevermind the filter questions, I figured it out.
    Guess I should have done some more homework before I posted... :-)

    This wasn\'t a critique of your piano, Kip. I got the documentation the first time, but I just wasn\'t completely clear on a couple of the filter parameters. I figured it out anyway.
    ...still love the Bosendorfer.. ;-)

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