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Topic: Newb Question: Stereo-Mono samples

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    Newb Question: Stereo-Mono samples

    There of course are a bunch of old topics that poke at this issue, but I was wondering if someone could give a detailed explanation of the imaging process when using samples in GS.

    In most cases, my samples begin in Mono, get panned internally in GS, and when I capture to wave become stereo. When I import all of the audio into my sequencer (Logic 5.5), I bring them all onto stereo channels, and either apply a reverb there, or use Sound Forge for Acoustic Mirror before bringing em into Logic.

    The final result is panned, and reverb is applied, but it doesn\'t sound like a convincing cohesive orchestra.

    I\'ve heard people talking about using combinations of stereo and mono sounds and mic placements to get a more realistic stereo image. Also, some libes (Dan Dean I believe?) come stereo out of the box? How does that affect your process?

    If someone of you old timers could give a detailed rundown of your process it would help me a lot, and probably all the other newbs too!

    Thanks folks,

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    Re: Newb Question: Stereo-Mono samples

    Hey Anders, You are right in doing a search. It comes up fairly frequently. In case you missed it there were a few brushes on this topic ( with some differing opinions) on Nontackys thread last week. Not to mention a nice comp.


    4 pages, but you\'ll find it.


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    Re: Newb Question: Stereo-Mono samples

    Make sure to check this forum:


    Some nice tips and explanations

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