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Topic: industrial samples?

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    industrial samples?

    Well, inspired from Franz\'s topic, I was wondering if there were more of such great industrial samples on the market. Things like noises from machines or metal objects. If you heard of the \"einstürzende Neubauten\" - they became famous constructing their own instruments from metal junk. That\'s what the so called \"futurists\" did in Italy in the beginning of the 20th century (using self-constructed machines to give \"noise-concerts\"). I\'d love to compose for such noises! Anyone can recommand me some more libraries of that kind?

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    Re: industrial samples?

    I would pay good money for some samples of the original instruments of the futurists!!! here\'s a link for those of you who don\'t know about these guys:

    futurist orchestra

    ultimately, I always have such fun recording my own sounds that I don\'t know if i would actually buy these kind of samples, but it would be good to know if any are out there...


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    Re: industrial samples?

    Go to

    They have an affordable and quite good noise sample CD!

    I think more people should support those smaller companies with the right return policies and pricing!

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    Re: industrial samples?

    You can also buy that CD (Beat the Bushes) from them on eBay for less than they sell it on the web site. Legitimate saving. Good CD. Fun sounds.


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