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Topic: Good acoustic guitar sample?

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    Good acoustic guitar sample?

    Hey all,

    I\'m looking for an acoustic guitar library that has both finger-picked strings (individually), and chord strumming. Any suggestions? The sound I\'m looking for should go well with classical instruments.. not going for a rock sound or anything along those lines.


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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?


    You may want to check out the \"Vintage Jazz Guitars and Tenor Banjos\" collection from Bardstown Audio. There are acoustic archtop guitars with both pick and thumb samples in this collection, in addition to electric archtop jazz guitars and tenor banjos. These are multi velocity instruments with release note off samples, which capture the sound of the finger coming off of the finger board. There are no strummed chord samples, but there are several midi effects programs, such as Band in the Box, Jammer, Rhythm n\' Chords, etc., which do a beautiful job of generating any chord and rhythm strum that you would want. For more information, mp3 demos, and user comments, you can go to our web site at www.bardstownaudio.com

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?

    Try Acoustic Essentials
    Yellow Tools Pure Guitars
    Matt Ragan Max Strenght Acoustic Guitar

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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?

    Are you looking for a nylon then or a steel string?

    A couple of suggestions from us are:

    American Heartland (from SR/ILIO) that has finger picked steel string (a Taylor 910).

    World Traveler (SR/ILIO) that has some nice nylon guitars for classical to flamenco.

    Modern Songwriter which has 14 different chord types for up and down strumming (mapped with the up and down strokes split across the keyboard). This is a Martin Steel String.

    All three are in Akai format designed to also work well on software samplers. You can pick them up from either: www.esoundz.com (which is Sonic Reality) or our distributor: www.ilio.com

    You can also listen to the demos to see if you like them.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?

    I really like Pure Guitars by Yellow Tools.
    Here\'s a little snippet I did using that library exclusively:

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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?

    Zimmer Guitars 1 and 2


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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?

    You\'re not going to fool anyone with any of the samples I\'ve heard. The quality of the sound is not the issue; it\'s the subtle changes in dynamics and timing that just cannot be duplicated via a keyboard.

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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?

    Nice piece Zack, very pretty.


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    Re: Good acoustic guitar sample?


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