Sorry about the OT in here, but no one ever goes in/answers threads in the OT forum.

My studio is already out growing my house that I bought just 2 years ago, and I have remodeling etc going on, so I MUST GET OUT!! (not to mention that I\'m married) [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

I\'ve been looking for one of these small writing room spaces like the ones that are plentiful in Burbank and Santa Monica, but I can\'t find much of anything in the West valley (woodland Hills, Calabassas, Northridge, etc).

I\'ve been thinking about hanging in there and trying to buy a new place with a guest house or something, but that kind of upgrade is just too intense of a leap at this moment.

Does anyone out here in LA know of a good (hopefully cost efficient) place to move my work?