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Topic: Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings

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    Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings

    Just wanted some input on these 2 libraries. I\'m looking for some good solo libraries, and the Kirk Hunter stuff sounds awesome. The prices are appealing as well. Do alot of you guys use these 2 libraries. Any input/advice would be much appreciated. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]



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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings

    There are a few users who have posted some opinions on this thread if you care to check it out:


    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings

    There are these threads as well:



    I\'m definitely a happy KHSS customer. Not all like the sound of the original violin, but I like it very much. The recent update includes the Gypsy Violin, which is also excellent. While I prefer the spiccatos of the original violin, the Gypsy has a very round, complimentary tone. At least one is bound to please you.

    The real key, though, are the articulations. There is enough variety here and enough velocity layers to create very convincing mock ups.

    As an aside, just today I paid a visit to http://raczeuropeanviolins.com. Timoteus Racz takes appointments only, and I spent just over an hour with him. I\'m potentially going to rent a violin to get a better physical feel for composing for the medium.

    Mr. Racz is a very interesting guy. He\'s a master violinist and an old-school Hungarian who studied under a student of Bartok\'s. And he\'s very opinionated! He really hates the Suzuki method (for good reason). He played a number of examples for me, and he was stunning. The double-stop left hand pizzicatos were really over the top!

    Truth be known, KHSS can\'t compete with a live Racz. We knew that already. But with the slides, spiccato, detache, marcato, overtones, pizz and such, we can do a damn good first cut. Rather than feeling depressed about how much better a live violinist is, I\'m energized by how close we can come to the real thing.

    Anyway, if you get KHSS I\'ll be really surprised if you\'re anything but pleased. It\'s a great value.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings


    You may want to check that URL for that violinist. (http://raczeuropeanviolins.com. )It does not work for me.

    And thanks for the compliments. I value them!

    Kirk Hunter

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings

    Originally posted by KirkHunter:

    You may want to check that URL for that violinist. (http://raczeuropeanviolins.com. )It does not work for me.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Oh yeah. This board sticks the period on the end of the link. That\'s the second time this week I\'ve been caught out by that.

    http://raczeuropeanviolins.com should do it!

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings

    Sorry to semi-sidetrack on this thread, but what\'s the story with the KH Romantic Violin sample library. Is the violin different from your other solo set. I heard the Gypsy Violin demo, and I liked it, really nice backing too (KH Brass?). My question is when will the Violin library with the gypsy one be available and for how much? There\'s no info on the site yet.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Flute and Solo Strings

    The Gypsy (Romantic) Violin comes as part of the solo strings set. Originally, I was going to do it as a stand-alone library since it\'s so huge, and I didn\'t think it would mix well with the other violin. However, after working with it, it not only works well, but it totally compliments the set. I\'ll be changing the info on the website soon. And yes, the backup was the KH Brass and KH Strings.

    Thanks for asking.
    Kirk Hunter

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