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Topic: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

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    The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

    Here is a composition I just finished composing today. I wanted this to be a love theme based upon a girl. It was meant to express on love and happiness.

    The Girl With Wings

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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

    What a warm, romantic piece you have here, sururick. Like everything you've been posting recently, your music is accomplishing exactly what you describe in your text messages. There's a refreshing, clear and natural aura to your work that I really like. Nice!


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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

    As a composition goes, I like this. I think you have some refreshing harmonic changes going on and it definitely sounds like a love them. Strictly from my personal tastes, there is much more "syrup" here than I like to listen to, but that is just me, and it does not take away from the quality of the music.
    Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

    Very, very well done. I would surely like to hear Enya sing this.

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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

    Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate the feedback on this one. I also created a piano version of the composition.

    I listened to your song, "The River is the Reason," which you shared with me in my last post. I really did enjoy listening to it. I wish I could sing... I have a hard time keeping pitch.

    The Girl With Wings (Piano)

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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

    That was quite excellent. Certainly works as a love theme. Also impressed by the strings in this piece - what did you use?

    The piano version is good too, conjuring up images of Final Fantasy - Tifa's Theme. Different, but a similar air to it. Piano sounds a little washed out - not sure if that is because of the reverb, or the piano instrument you used.
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    Re: The Girl With Wings (Tara's Theme)

    Hi Sururick,

    Since I've been able to get this site working again, I've been listening to the past 4-5 pieces from your game score that you've posted over the last month and have to say these are all such nicely written, performed, and mixed pieces. This latest one was beautiful. It was fun hearing the composition separated from the orchestration as well.

    I'm sure the finished work and product is going to be great!

    Best of luck,


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