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Topic: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

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    Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    I just read the following news, and was wondering if anyone knew if there is going to be some kind of upgrade price for AKAI-version owners who want to go the virtual instrument route? I emailed Big Fish but have yet to have gotten a reply...

    The plugin version of Prosonus\' The Orchestral Collection is now finally shipping in VST, AU, RTAS & MAS formats for $299.95 USD.
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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    Wonder if the tuning is fixed?


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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    ... bump...

    Anyone with inside contacts to Prosonus have any info on this topic??? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    I finally heard from Big Fish. Looks like it\'s 39.95 plus shipping for owners of a previous version. Sounds good to me, although I think I\'ll wait until I see the interface... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    That\'s not too bad a deal, although I\'ll be surprised if the tuning gets fixed before release. To do that in a V.I. version after release, the interface would have to allow tuning of individual samples, which would be surprising as well. Mr. Christian fixed most of the worst tuning problems in the Giga version, but quite a few are still there, in all their ugliness.

    Then again, I\'ve been going first to GPO for a lot of things, eliminating the need for the POC instruments that have the worst tuning (solo violin, anyone?). I still haven\'t heard anything like POC\'s marcato strings, though.

    Ned, I\'m curious - what do you commonly use out of Prosonus?


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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.


    Not much! To be honest, I haven\'t touched it recently, except for the odd 20th Century effects. I\'m hoping that a new interface and the tuning fixes will make it exciting for me again!

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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    What a great deal for the upgrade. I am getting that!

    I use the string effects, and brass effects and the Strings marc and pizz still and they still sound really really nice. Excellent!


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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    That is a great deal for the upgrade.I bought the VI for full price because I always liked the Prosonus Roland strings.

    The samples in the Prosonus Orchestral Collection are very long in the teeth now. You can really hear jumps in Zones, and don't expect massive dynamics. There is some nice stuff, though, with its own character in certain ranges -the Oboe D'amour has a lovely octave or so. The string FX are cool too.

    I was mostly disappointed with the player interface however ;no chance to play with modulations for filter or volume, just the standard LFO stuff. Perhaps a VI player is not meant to be very flexible, look at the Kompakt VI's, also very basic - but the OC samples are encrypted too, so you're stuck with that. The reverb is ok though.

    Compare to GPO if you're thinking of buying.


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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    You'l find a review there



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    Re: Prosonus Orchestral Collection as V.I.

    In 1992 I bought a library of Prosonus strings for the Roland S770 that were the most piss-poor excuses for string samples that were ever recorded (IMHO)- Even for the limited technologies of the day. I would never touch anything with the Prosonus name on it again, but I may be much too biased since I spent a ton of money for what turned out to be worthless samples. i guess you need to keep in mind that that was 12 years ago, so that may not be a fair analogy. Still, I'm shocked to hear that the company still exists, since they earned a reputation for being over-priced and under-promise at the time- what have they been doing?

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