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Topic: digital noise?

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    digital noise?

    Has anyone else had any problems with a high-pitch noise when playing back your samples in Gigasampler? When I play back the Unity notes it sounds fine. But the notes where the sample\'s pitch is modulated often give off a high pitch noise in the background (digital noise??). I am using two samples per octave. Is there something special I need to do to prepare the samples before using them in Gigasampler? I am using an Event Gina soundcard with the latest (5.02) drivers installed. Thanks.

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    Re: digital noise?

    I\'ve heard it too. Its some sort of high pitched ring on the transposed notes between the unity notes. I usually use four notes per octave when building instruments and I still hear it. I guess it is a limitation of the software. I usually use high frequency noise reduction from my C1+ Native Power Pack plug in to remove it from my audio tracks. C1+ is the bomb. Peace.

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    Re: digital noise?

    Thanks for the response. I think you\'re right it does seem to be a problem with the software. I hope Gigastudio doesn\'t suffer from this problem like Gigasampler does.

    I also thought about removing the noise with a plugin, the only problem being that the track would have to already be recorded before you could do that (I would like to use Gigasampler in a live setting). I guess I could also export the transposed notes, remove the noise, and put them all back into Gigasampler. Of course I would have to have a seperate sample for every note which would really eat up the hard drive space. Oh well, guess you can\'t have everything.

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