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Topic: WANTED: Belltree Percussion Sample

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    WANTED: Belltree Percussion Sample

    I just got Samplehead\'s NYC PercussionWorks. It sounds great! One problem, not one sample of a belltree. I also have Living Drums, and have heard the Clearmountain; still, no belltree sample. Does anyone know where I can find some? It doesn\'t even have to be an entire sample library, just a couple of .wav\'s would be nice. A homemade .gig would be even better, but thats probably asking too much. :-)

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    Re: WANTED: Belltree Percussion Sample

    Hi alDigi

    I coulden\'t agree with you more.
    There\'s a general lack of percussion sounds like the belltree and marktree!!


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    Re: WANTED: Belltree Percussion Sample

    A good source would be Bob Clearmountain percussion and bass. There are windchimes, mark tree and bell tree on that disk. It is in Akai format and you may need to convert them as dual mono. (uncheck the merge L/R in the S-Converter)
    Dave of NemeSys

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