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Topic: Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

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    Re: Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

    Advanced orchestra gives you a great bandwith of instruments play techniques to arrange very realistic phrases. The GS version is completely made new from the scratch on and benefits from the GS features like key dimension control. A big vitos-like, warm vibrato string gig is available. In my opinion the brilliant, structured sounds of AO make it better in the mix - vitos sounds more warm, but more like a smooth workstation program in the mix.

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    Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

    Is Vitous really *that* much better than Seidlaczek?

    If I owned Advanced Orchestra and could afford Vitous Strings OR Vitous Brass/Woodwind which would be better to have?

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    Re: Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

    The answer to these questions depends very much on the type of music you write and the type of ‘sound’ you want to achieve.

    Are you talking about the new GS version of Advanced Orchestra?

    As for Vitous Brass/Woodwind, just keep in mind that these all ensembles of 3 instruments playing in unison. If you need to have divisi parts, you’ll have a problem.

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    Re: Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

    Why does holger always reply to AO questions.....
    I have both AO and MIros in akai version.
    I can\'t stand AO sound. It\'s thin and irrealistic. Micing is awful.
    Is the SOUND itself better on GS version ? If not, try out Miroslav first.

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    Re: Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

    I have AO and am very satified with it. I don\'t know how Vitous sounds and never will because there is no way I will pay that price tag. I\'m sick of hearing this thin sounding comment about AO. When you compare the two price wise, AO is quite a deal.

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    Re: Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

    the question corcerns differences between Vitous and Seidlaczek AO strings. As you honestly admit, you don\'t know how Vitous sounds; so why do you propose yourself as an objective judge ? The intent of all those who are not financially involved is to get from this forum some objective knowledge on the available products, and if possible, to get them improved. If you,as you say, are sick of hearing comments you\'d better leave this forum.


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    Re: Vitous vs. Seidlaczek

    Whatever you say Giorgio.

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