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Topic: Which piano sound?

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    Which piano sound?

    Which piano sample is better? The bundled Yamaha? The East-West Bosendorfer? or the East-West Steinway? I would love to hear opinions on this one. Thanks to those who have heard and will share.

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    Re: Which piano sound?

    I own all of them, since piano work is all I use GS for.

    The Steiway has BY FAR the best overall piano sound from the standpoint of realism.

    But the Bos, although a weird-sounding sample, has more dynamic range because it is a larger sample. They\'re beautiful pianos in real life, but this sampled BOS, or perhaps the sample itself, is a bit odd.

    The Gigapiano (a Yamaha grand) is not in the same league as the BOS or the Steinway, but has some interesting and useful features. PP and PPP really DO sound tonally like PP; whereas on the Steinway and the BOS, one gets the impression that the keys are being struck at mf and reduced in velocity afterwards to make pp, ppp, etc.

    Having said that; all three samples are marked advance on Coakley\'s stuff, the RD 600, the P2, and the General Music product.

    I\'m waiting (and waiting) for Oliver Truan to take that fabulous Steinway sample and make it bigger: add a proper PP; perhaps include the effects contained in the Gigapiano, illiminate the boxy sound of the lower midrange (a recording equipment issue perhaps), thereby making what is already a fabulous sample into an even better and more useful one.

    I use a combination of the verb built into the Live card, plus hyperism hyperverb to warm up the Steinway. I find the hyperism verb quieter than the very good timeworks product (less \"fuzz\" or \"white noise\" when heavy verb is introduced) and way ahead of the much overrated and overpriced TC works verb (I hope I haven\'t offended TC fans hear).


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    Re: Which piano sound?


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    Re: Which piano sound?

    Have heard both GS Yamaha Piano and Steinway.
    Steinway has brighter thinner sound than yamaha. GS Yamaha has slightly warmer fuller sound and slightly better at high-end of keyboard. Really like both.

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    Re: Which piano sound?

    If you all can wait for approx. 4 weeks, Total Piano from Peter Siedlaczeck will be available. Presently I do the last work and the Mastering for this production. On the library you will find a great sounding classical Piano and many other special, great and timeless Piano Sounds (from spacy, esoteric variations to honky tonk)! The classic grand sounds fantastic and it is optimized to perform well in arrangements. Another benefit: The whole Library consumes just approx. 1.3 Gb, because we used advanced loop techniques for all sounds (No fear, you won´t hear the loops even if you search for them...)

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    Re: Which piano sound?

    My favorite by far is the Steinway B. They really captured the essence of the Steinway sound in this Sampler. The Steinway B was one of the primary practice instruments I used in school and this is an excellent reproduction. If you want to actually hear the instruments go to purgatorycreek.com/pianocompare.html

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    Re: Which piano sound?

    I am in with the Steinway B from east west.
    It is a bit strange eq wise though.
    And it is not possible to help much with eq in the mix, just gets wierder.
    Boxy, and yet a bit harsh at 1K. Usually those things would be a bit of a contradiction but the B sounds like that.

    Still looking for a killer Yamaha grand library(sorry gigapiano). For more contempory music the Steinway B is just not cutting it.

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    Re: Which piano sound?

    Here\'s the Stienway B in action. Sorry for all the distortion I did this along time ago and never fixed it cause it was my first attempt at orchestration anyway:

    The Steinway B to me is the best overall out of the bos/yamaha/steinway B.

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    Re: Which piano sound?

    Very nice work esteven1, The Steinway B really sounds nice. I have a Yamaha Clavinova Piano, the Piano sounds are ok but I am looking for something that appeals more to me. I have the Steinway-C 8 and the Gigapiano but am still not completely satisfied. I was online at Biggagiggas and heard the mp3 version of the estonia grand, it sounds impressive. Do you know anything about that sample?


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