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Topic: GS and Logic Audio

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    GS and Logic Audio

    I\'m Stumped. I can\'t seem to get GS and Logic Audio to work on the same machine effectively. Maybe Its because I just don\'t know much about how to set up all the MIDI ports. In Logic, I see the \"Nemesys Out: Port1\", etc... I select that as my device. I can play the sounds via my controller, and even appear to record MIDI. When I go to play back, nothing sounds. I have noticed that the MIDI Port Monitor (the number portion indicating the Port Number) flashes red, which, according to the Help File, means its receiving MIDI data. The MIDI Loop indicator appears on (its not read).

    Any suggestions? What are the \"Nemesys Out\" ports for? Am I using them incorrectly? I have my Midi In Ports set to my Keyboard controller...

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    Re: GS and Logic Audio

    I\'m also facing the same problem with Logic Audio -no sound with MIDI playback. Queerly, this did not happen with GigaSampler. The problem only surfaced after I upgraded to GSt. Any ideas anybody?

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    Re: GS and Logic Audio

    Even more unusual is the fact that I do have sound with MIDI playback when using Cakewalk Pro Audio 7, but I can only get my VS as master & Cakewalk as slave. On the other hand, when I\'m using VS Logic, I can\'t get sound with MIDI playback, but I am able to slave my VS. Go figure!

    My wish is that Nemesys eventually adds a MIDI sequencer to their GS series either by creating their own, or by hooking up with a leading sequencer maker.

    BTW, which Logic version are you people using?

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    Re: GS and Logic Audio

    Hi all,

    I\'m running LAWG 4.2.3 and having these same problems. I contacted Dave @ nemesys and he tells me that the problem is with Logic. He also mentioned that they are working on the problem. If anyone can think of a workaround it would be appreciated. Otherwise I\'ll be going back to GigaSampler until a fix comes out.


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    Re: GS and Logic Audio

    Dave\'s explanation makes sense since I have no problem hearing sound with MIDI playback when using Cakewalk.

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    Re: GS and Logic Audio

    I have been thinking of trying to use Hubi\'s Loopback device. Problem is I have had nightmares trying to configure the thing. I got MIDI Feedback when trying to play any other soft synths. Besides, not even sure how to set up for gig. Would I set Logic\'s Output Device to LB1, then GS\'s Input (for a particular port) to LB1 as well?

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    Re: GS and Logic Audio

    I think I may have solved this problem, please see the separate post.

    To stop feedback, win.ini must be edited. Otherwise Logic will not be able to record properly!

    Also, using Hubi, it is not necessary to make any changes to the GigaSt configuration.


    // Charl

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