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Topic: user interface corrupted

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    Re: user interface corrupted

    Try going into CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM>PERFORMANCE>GRAPHICS> and change your hardware acceleration to none.

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    Re: user interface corrupted

    thanks Busch. Gave it a try but it didn\'t work. Any other possibilities?

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    user interface corrupted

    Hi list,
    I used to be able to successfully install giga 1.6 on my pc but once I had to reinstall it, the user interface was corrupted (buttons were awkwardly positioned, the channels on the right corner only showed up 8 instead of 16, etc.) Anybody has a clue what\'s going on? I have PII 350, 128 mb ram, sb awe64 & delta 44.
    thanks for your help,

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    Re: user interface corrupted

    Since this is a video issue, make sure you have the latest video drivers and have installed Directx7a.


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    Re: user interface corrupted

    Just be sure to let the SE install back up your system files for you - otherwise the uninstall won\'t work if you have trouble.

    (FWIW, I\'ve tried to install SE without success - it gets past the first reboot, then says I have a bad registry and restores the old one. At that point I have no choice but to uninstall.)

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    Re: user interface corrupted

    Thanks for all the help. Tried all the suggestions and it still didn\'t work. I have win98 2nd edition w/ screen res 1024X768 and directx7.0a. I assumed that it\'s some kind of corrupted system file that was being overwritten since I used to be able to install Giga (I don\'t have DirectX7 yet and i was using win95 and the screen res was 800x600) when I first reformatted my hard drive but when I installed more stuff into the drive, Giga started to corrupt. Now I\'m thinking about reformatting the drive again. But i don\'t wanna go through all the hassle again.

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    Re: user interface corrupted

    Are you using Windows 95? If so, see the release notes. There are some problems with graphics components in Windows 95 which require a patch. The patch is from Microsoft and we include it on the CDROM. I would personally recommend upgrading to Windows 98SE.

    Also make sure you are running your screen resolution at least by 1024x768.

    I hope this info helps.


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    Re: user interface corrupted


    Forgive the ignorance, but I have windows 98 the 1st edition. If I wanted to upgrade to windows 98 2nd Edition, do I have to wipe clean everything on my hard drive such as gigastudio, wave editors, MS office, etc. Or is this a TRUE upgrade!! Thanks in advance.


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    Re: user interface corrupted

    Win98 to 98SE is a true upgrade, meaning it doesn\'t require reformating, etc.

    However, its not a bad idea to backup any critical files just in case!

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    Re: user interface corrupted


    If the problem is still a corruptted user interface, then I wouldn\'t reinstall anything . It sounds to me that the graphics driver and the application are having troubles. You said that changed the resolution from 1024x768 to 800x600, right? How about trying different bit depths, like 256 colors, 16-bit color, and 24-bit (true) color. If changing this makes a difference, see if your graphics card has any driver updates.

    I have seen in the past, where a graphics driver will have problems with application at one color depth but not another.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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