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Topic: When will the S-converter akai compability be improved?

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    When will the S-converter akai compability be improved?

    I have tried out the S-converter in Gigastudio160 with lots of akai cds.
    I thought Nemesys was going to fix at least some of the compability problems the s-converter has.

    I understand that there\'s plenty of functions people here miss, but shouldn\'t a good s-converter be among the top priorities?
    After all, if you can\'t get the sound you want, then the rest really doesn\'t matter...
    I know in most cases the sounds can be fixed in the giga editor (but that shouldn\'t be necessary), but in many cases that\'s not possible. (missing partitions etc..)

    I haven\'t gotten any cd that didn\'t work properly with gigasampler to work with gigastudio.
    In fact, now I have problems I didn\'t have before.
    Surely, the akai cd compability of the s-converter can be improved?

    I don\'t understand why there\'s more complaining about this issue, because it\'s not like there\'s only a few compability problems. There\'s lots of top quality akai cds that has issues with the s-converter.

    I really think Gigastudio is a fantastic program, but it still needs some serious \"finetuning\" in this area.

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    Re: When will the S-converter akai compability be improved?

    If you send let us know what CDs you are
    having a problem with, and the specific
    problem, there is a good chance we can
    get the problem resolved. If you are willing
    to let us borrow the CD to debug with
    the chances are even better.

    Send your SConverter problems to
    . TechSupp@NemeSysMusic.com
    with the subject of
    . \"SConverter Compatibility\"

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    Re: When will the S-converter akai compability be improved?


    I\'ll send an email very soon.
    I understand there\'s many cd\'s out there, and it\'s difficult to check them all.
    But in my opinion, there\'s just too many compbality issues (with very well-known cds) for my liking.
    Thanks again.

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    Re: When will the S-converter akai compability be improved?

    Sample translation issues are remarkably like translating real spoken and written human languages. They need fine tuning when a combination comes up that the software doesn\'t completely anticipate. The more feedback you can provide, the better.

    I\'ve heard and experienced that S-convertor is relatively good compared to other programs that do the same.

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