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Topic: Rhodes Patch

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    Rhodes Patch

    Does anyone know where I can find a really good Fender Rhodes for Giga?

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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    Bill Busch has made a Rhodes Giga-CD.
    try http://www.angelfire.com/wa/busch/index.html

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    For someone moderating/running the web site, would it be possible to create a link to list known sample libraries? The commercial libraries would be good to list, but the independent samples (like this Rhodes) in particular are nice to find out about. It seems like it could be a great resource for users. I\'d like it anyway...

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    Re: Rhodes Patch


    A good source for smaller downloadable gigs
    is http://members.xoom.com/worrasplace/


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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    Another place with a lot of Gigasamples is http://www.gigazone.da.ru/

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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    This question is to Joris Vincken. On your message posted 09-01-99, you identified a site http:/www.gigazone.da.ru/ as a source of GigaSampler files. I downloaded some of the organ samples (legend*.zip) but when I ran WINZIP, they did not convert to *.gig files. I tried renaming the files to *.gig after running WINZIP but when I tried to import them into GigaSampler, they were identified as \"registered\" files requiring a GigaSampler key. Do you know the procedure for accessing the files; they was no \"help\" on the site explaining any special requirements.

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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    You need to download a second uncompressor = (just plain stupid!). How and where is mentioned somewhere on the page.

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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    Anybody know where to download the utility needed to decompress .rar (?) files from www.gigazone.da.ru ?
    I cannot find it mentioned anywhere on the site.


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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    Erik, I did a search on \"rar\" and found a product called WinRAR. You can download an evaluation copy (goood for 40 days) from http://www.rarsoft.com/

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    Re: Rhodes Patch

    In regards to the first question...Jeffrey, I\'m working on a Rhodes Gig that I can send you, but you didn\'t include your email when you posted. Contact me at:


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