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Topic: mp3 not working

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    mp3 not working

    I downloaded some mp3 files from www.nemesysmusic.com/gigdemo.htm
    None of them works neither on my WINAMP nor
    on my WINDOWS MEDIA-PLAYER. I downloaded
    many mp3 files from other sites and they all
    work fine. Any hint?

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    Re: mp3 not working

    Sorry, but I\'ve downloaded \'fanfare\' and \'credits\' and played them successful with Winamp. Wich file have you downloaded?


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    Re: mp3 not working

    Thanks for the reply Wolfgang.

    I downloaded \"fanfare\". When playing it sounded like 1/10 of a seond then 2 second
    silence and so on.

    On the other hand I downloaded

    chocolate.mp3 and
    almost.mp3 from http://www.conexant.com/playground/megawavestream/downloads/main.html

    Those files work fine with my mp3 players.

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    Re: mp3 not working

    Wofgang, here I have some more precise data.

    I went into your web page (by the way excellent job) and clicked \"The way it is\"
    demo mp3 of 4.4 MB

    Here the difference. When I download your file and play it, it works

    When I click instant playing it opens my mp3
    player and it works too but with interuptions
    which is understandable since I work here only with a 56k modem.

    However, when click the mp3 on nemesysmusic.com no player opens and I get streaming hieroglyphes on my screen. When I
    download the file (with right mouse click)
    and play it, I get this strange interupted playback (see last e-mail).

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    Re: mp3 not working

    Maybe it has to do with the preference settings of Winamp.
    I\'ll check it.

    [This message has been edited by Wolfgang Eichholz (edited 08-05-1999).]

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    Re: mp3 not working

    I\'ve checked out different kinds of settings but couldn\'t fix it. Maybe the files were corrupted during download.
    Can you try download again ?
    I\'m very interested in that because i run an ISDN connection now,but had such problems in the past using a modem.


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    Re: mp3 not working

    Dear Wolfgang,

    that is what I thought first too. But I downloaded the files from nemesysmusic page
    about three times. Here at the office I have a 56K modem.

    But I did the same at home. There I have the Time Warner Cable Modem and it works about 10 times faster than the 56k. I also installed
    WINAMP and tried to play nemesysmusic-mp3
    files there. Same thing. They don\'t work and
    other mp3 files work fine.

    Business:HP Pentium III 550MHz, 128MB Ram
    WIN 98, 56K modem.
    Home: HP Pentium II 450 MHZ, 128MB Ram,
    Cable Modem.

    Best Regards

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    Re: mp3 not working


    I have also had this problem and I know what the problem is. . .Netscape! When a hyperlink goes directly to a file netscape first tries to read it, That is when the browser displays the hexadecimal info. Then you either right click download or shift+click the link and it downloads but for some reason the file gets couruppted and the playback does that garbled start stop thing. . .netscape actully requires the html download instruction to keep this from happening. The solution: use IE4 and you wont have a problem. . .

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    Re: mp3 not working

    Bingo Ryan. This was the right indication. Everything works now with the IE4. Thank you!

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    Re: mp3 not working

    I printed this entire thread out and will give it to our web guys to see what they can do to improve it or post instructions. Wouldn\'t want you all to miss out on some of my music.

    Have fun.
    Dave of NemeSys.

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