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Topic: G-studio problems

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    G-studio problems

    Hi people I just got the Gigastudio 160 upgrade and have been exploring it.
    Some very useful stuff, and it has helped me to find out what is going
    on with polyphony and resources as I play, and where all the pops are
    coming from. But there are too many bugs at the moment, so I am going
    back to Gigasampler, and will start using Gigastudio once there is a patch available to fix these, and whatever bugs and problems come up from other users.
    For the moment, here is a list of the problems I have found so far. Any feedback and other finds would be helpful for me, and also for the people at Nemesys who are undoubtedly working on G-studio. (I have sent this list directly to them, but thought this would also be useful/informative for other users).

    (1) it keeps setting the dither to \"on,\" and I have to turn it off every
    time I start up. (I am using 24-bit output, so don\'t need dither).

    (2) it sometimes resets the polyphony settings (no. of voices and
    transitional voices) without my permission.

    (3) it crashed after I tried capture-to-wave recording at 24-bit (crashed
    when I pushed the stop button), and then couldn\'t be started up again.

    (4) it doesn\'t remember mute and solo settings (DSP window and midi mixer window) in a program. (Maybe this isn\'t a bug, but if it\'s designed to forget these, it would be nice to have it remember all the program settings.)

    (5) the graphics are messed up in the DSP \"master\" window.

    (6) The \"memory\" display reset doesn\'t work. The display shows more and
    more memory is being used as one edits and reloads an instrument. Also,
    after unloading an instrument, the display shows the memory as still
    being used. Since the reset doesn\'t work, it\'s hard to tell what is
    really happening.


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    Re: G-studio problems

    Papa & deSound
    This stuff is invaluable to me and I\'m sure to Nemesys.
    Any chance of starting a dedicated Gigasound Bugs forum?

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    Re: G-studio problems

    IT, not that this helps you directly, but on my system I cannot reproduce problems 1, 2, 5, 6. My system works fine in these areas. I haven\'t done enough capture to disk to know if 3 happens on mine. Regarding 4, my system does not remember these settings either. Don\'t know if this is a bug or not. These settings are traditionally temporary on a mixer.

    Sometime it helps to know if the problems are unique or universal. Sorry I don\'t know why your system would have these problems and mine doesn\'t.

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    Re: G-studio problems

    Hi. Glad to hear that not everybody is having these problems. Maybe I\'ll try another install one of these days. But I do want the 24-bit audio capture working before I do.

    Another one, which I had forgotten--the help \"search\" page was completely blank. Anybody find this problem?


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    Re: G-studio problems

    I figured I would throw a few bugs I have found into the ring here. (I am using GigaStudio 160 with a dell pt3/600,Windows 98 SE, and wavecenter pci card sound card.

    1. When I adjust the fine tune there seems to be no way to reset it to 0 (no fine-tuning). You can get close but you can\'t ever get back to 0!!

    2. When I re-open a GS performance the program seems to null all the pan settings to the default and you have to reset them.

    3. The Chorus FX will occasionally start emitting a shrill metallic sound that goes away when I close and re-open the effect.

    4. The program is crashing constantly! (I will post a new message detailing some of the many crashing messages I have gotten.)I am only using this computer for GS and Acid so if anyone has any advice about configuring the machine to be more stable it would greatly appreciated.

    5. My last complaint: I called to register the software (I don\'t have that computer connected to the net) and no one returned my call.

    All this aside I am very excited about gigastudio, I love the interface and the FX sound great. I\'m looking forward to the future with this product.

    Thank you,


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    Re: G-studio problems

    firstly... respect to Nemesys for a great upgrade. I\'m having sooo much fun with it.

    Dmann1 try keeping the shift key down while you drag the fine tune slider. It will go back to 0 eventually. Same counts for pan, volume, etc. cool ehh!

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    Re: G-studio problems

    I believe someone here said the capture 24 bit audio is a known issue.


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    Re: G-studio problems


    Let me tell you what we have found with regards to your issues:

    1. Seems to work on our systems. Make sure
    you hit the \'Apply\' button after changing the setting.

    2. We can\'t reproduce this one. The polphony should only be set to a nominal 64 on a fresh install of the software. After the install, you should be able set it to any setting you like, again remember to hit the \'Apply\'

    3. Known bug, we will fix this one.

    4. I think there is a bug here, but I also think there is something going on that might need some further explaining.

    When you start up GigaStudio it will try to load the \'Default performance\'. The idea here is that you can set up your sampler to always come up in a \'default\' state. To change the default state, setup your sampler and select
    the File|Save As Default. Next time you open the sampler it should remember the new default setting.

    So here is the bug, if you set DSP station channel 1 to \'mute\'. Technically that is the same as bringing the fader to 0. But to emulate a hardware mixer we leave the fader alone and internally set the fader to 0, and light up the \'mute\' led. If you now save off this setting as the \'Default peformance\', then the next time you started the sampler you expect channel 1 to be muted.
    Well, the channel is muted but we have stored off the fader state to 0, rather than stored off the lighted \'mute\' led. The same problem happens with solo.

    Technically the muted and solo state of the mixer are being saved and restored, but not displayed properly. We need to fix this one also.

    5. Are you using Windows 95? If so, see the release notes. There are some problems with graphics components in Windows 95 which require a patch. The patch is from Microsoft and we include it on the CDROM. I would personally recommend upgrading to Windows 98SE.

    6. On the reset button, you will notice a little drop down arrow. Hit this arrow and make sure the \'Instrument\' check box is selected. Our reset function is configurable so that you can reset either portions of the sampler or the entire sampler.

    Hope this helps.

    Joe (Nemesys)

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    Re: G-studio problems

    thanks Joe. I\'m using Win98SE with a Diamond Viper AGP card (AGP slot on the motherboard--my machine is a Dell xpsT-550). Unfortunately, I couldn\'t get a diagnostics file out before everything crashed, and for the moment I am back to using Gigasampler while waiting for the 24-bit recording to be fixed, although if I get something else working for recording, I\'ll try G-studio again.

    What about the blank screen in the help \"search\" window? Has anybody had this?

    Anyway, I am looking forward to using this!


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    Re: G-studio problems

    Hi All
    I would like to switch from my 98-2 to 98 lite for stability reasons , can anyone tell me where I can get 98 lite? thanks , Ken

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