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Topic: GS & VS 1680

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    GS & VS 1680

    Anyone synchronizing their Giga with a VS 1860/880?

    What sequencer are you using?

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    Re: GS & VS 1680

    I\'m using Logic Audio, but I\'m having problems... I have always had problems using Hubi\'s or other loopback devices, so I thought the MIDI Out ports that are installed with GS would help. They seem to work when I\'m recording in Logic, but when I playback, nothing...

    Anyone have any ideas? I\'m fairly new with Logic and am just getting into environments...

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    Re: GS & VS 1680

    When I use Logic VS, I have no problem synchronizing GS with the VS. But, when I load GigaPiano in GS, then play midi data from the Logic, I can\'t hear anything. So, I installed Cakewalk Pro 7, played midi from it, and, to my surprise, heard the GigaPiano. However, I could not synchronize the VS with my computer and vice versa.

    I am considering an upgrade from Emagic\'s VS Logic to their more advanced sequencer.

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