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Topic: Giga Sound Pack (do you know that!!??)

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    Giga Sound Pack (do you know that!!??)

    [this is not advertising: I\'m a simple user of Gigasampler. \"GIGA Sound Pack\" has NO link with \"GIGAsampler\"]

    [Please note: everywhere \"Mo\" means \"Megabyte\".sorry.]

    I\'ve bought Giga Sound Pack of Micro Application this afternoon in France, because it is very very cheap (160FF ~ 25$ )for 5Go of samples: 7 CDROM (***WAV only!!!***)
    1)Techno 2) House 3)HipHop 4)Dance
    5)Rock/Pop 6)Voices 7)Special effects
    8)Orchestral/New age

    I don\'t care about Techno/dance loops but
    I thought I would have some orchestral percussions, and strange noises. It could be usefull.(only 25$!)

    I was very suspicious because Micro Application make many worthless \"multimedia\" applications with the same prices. (\"how decorate your house?\", \"100 cliparts of famous people\",...)

    oh God! I was SOOOOOOOO wrong!
    Maybe, I\'m just a newbie in sampling, but for the price, the samples are excellent.

    for exemple, I\'ve just made a 10Mo \"marcato strings\" (21 * 300ko samples from C2 to C7)
    and a 9Mo \"Ahhh choir\" (14* 600ko samples from G4 to E6 unlooped 3,5 seconds)

    there are material to make
    + 9Mo \"Ohhh choir\"
    + 5Mo \"pizzicato strings\"
    + 3Mo \"vibrato strings\"
    + 30Mo \"strings\" (24 unlooped samples of 7 seconds!!!)
    + 5Mo \"little ensemble strings\" (unlooped samples of 3 or 4 seconds. not usefull unless you loop them?)
    + 5Mo \"solo violin\" (same note)
    + even some articulations
    (all are in (wide) stereo)
    + 25Mo \"full orchestre\" (like the 30Mo strings)
    + some full orchestral openning and effects
    + 79Mo of orchestral percussion (145 samples) including a 3.6Mo sample for a orchestral big gong.

    About the quality: I don\'t know. Every sample sound perfect to my *poor* hears.
    (it is of course a REAL orchestral ensemble, not synth!!!)

    And that is *half* of *one* of the 7 CDROM!!

    I began to explore the others, and apparently, you can make a 21 Mo power chords guitar (5 * 4Mo(!!) sample. Excellent quality. And I AM a guitarist)
    It is just an example...

    You can make many Drum sets: there are 294 samples (46Mo) only for rock/pop (so this is NOT synth or ethnic percussions... these are on another CD!!)

    And there are many more samples for drum loops, but I don\'t care.

    The drawback: it is very very badly stored (near random...)

    Of course, the **main part** of the Pack is loops (that are useless for me, but...)

    Maybe I\'m a newbie and all that sucks because it\'s a hard job to loop the samples (but many samples last more than 5 seconds: that\'s a looong note if you are at 80BPM), but it seems to be VERY CHEAP, and it must be the first product you buy if you\'re a beginner in sampling: there is all the kind of samples you want to have.

    I don\'t know if it is distributed in USA, but in the (very very) small manual, there is the distributor for Canada:

    Canada Micro Application
    1650 Bvd Lionel-Bertrand
    Boisbriand (Québec) - J7H1N7

    [A last note. a tiny note in the manual shows that apparently the samples come from Masterbits.
    I\'ve several CDROM of noises, and the best
    ratio quality/price is the Masterbits one...
    So I\'m not surprised anymore.]

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    Re: Giga Sound Pack (do you know that!!??)

    Hi Lestrade

    I would be most grateful iff you could prepare a gig with some new age sounds on
    i.e. enigma type ambient sounds
    also, have you got any massive orchestral sounds on gig format.
    my e-mail address is

    thanks Lestrade

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