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Topic: When will S-Convert be improved?

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    When will S-Convert be improved?

    At first I thought it was just me, but now I realise that a lot of other users are having problems converting Akai disks properly using S-Convert. It still seems to be Version 1 and nearly works when I get it to convert \"Virtuoso Strings\". Unfortunately \"nearly\" is not good enough and so the resultant voices are rendered unusable and unfixable, even by importing samples as WAV files. In many ways the future success of GS is dictated by the effectiveness of S-Convert as many people are wanting to move from the Akai platform. At the moment S-Convert is an impediment to this.

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    Re: When will S-Convert be improved?

    I could not agree more.
    I sold my E-mu EIV in favor of software synths & samplers. The Bitheadz products are really outstanding -- but I currently have Gigasampler, which has its own strengths, but if S-converter isn\'t fixed soon, I may be switching to Bitheadz. (Two other pieces of gear I may never sell: Roland JV-1080 and Access Virus. Both continue to deliver amazingly useful sounds. I\'m particularly stymied how the Roland, with only 16Mb of ROM, can sound so fantastic when I\'ve heard more crappy multi-megabyte samples than I care to admit. Part of the reason may be that sample libs seem to completely ignore the filters and FX sections -- even on E-mu, where the filters and modulation routings are excellent, whereas the Roland sound creators tweak the heck out of the presets to take advantage of the instrument. Moreover, it is very fast and easy to edit and audition instruments for a part. A surprising number of people on the E-mu mailing list also have JV\'s!)

    I will put in a plug for the Bolder Sounds and Sampleheads CDs. The Bolder \"Eclectic\" and \"Granular\" are excellent (if I can get them to convert through S-converter) and the Sampleheads \"Will Lee Bass Library\" and \"Peter Erskine Drums\" really put live-sounding instruments in the mix.

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