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Topic: defrag question

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    defrag question

    With gigastudio can you use other degrag utilities such as the Norton defrag without losing registration info?

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    Re: defrag question

    I lost my registration info a while back. I ran the drives through a series of tools/diagnostics in Norton SystemWorks. I don\'t know what caused it, though it could have been the defrag. Word of caution, only clean up your HD on weekdays during the times when GS registration support is avaialble.

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    Re: defrag question

    Don\'t Nemesys make a point of saying \'don\'t use anything other than the Windwows defrag programme.\'?

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    Re: defrag question

    This happened to me too when I used norton\'s speeddisk. The problem with using windows\' defrag is that it doesn\'t do the job well, plus it runs for the whole day. compared to several minutes. I now have the system\'s partition on C, then install gigastudio on D, and have other drives for gigafiles. So this way I can defrag my systemfiles, and giga files but not mess around with gigastudio program files.

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    Re: defrag question

    My \"solution\" is to defrag overnight. I check the weather reprorts to make sure it is not going to storm. Power going on and off whilst defragging, is not a great idea!

    With GigaSampler, I had to run DEFRAG from with GSampler, but GStudio does not have this limitation.


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