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Topic: It's time to make 1 gigbyte nylon gutar sample

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    It\'s time to make 1 gigbyte nylon gutar sample

    Being a classic guitar player, I am alway disgusted with the nylon guitar sounds I have ever heard on any synth. The loop is never right.
    Now with the huge capacity of gigasampler, I am seeing the possibility of enjoying the most delicate(and expensive) classic guitar sound on some cheap midi guitar set ups(GI-10, GK-2A or something).
    Why there is none yet? People are talking about huge harpsichord, harp, and brass giga sounds, but why not nylon guitar, the most suitable for gigasampler?
    With the ever increasing polularity of the midi guitar, the nylon guitar giga sound will sell very well.

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    Re: It\'s time to make 1 gigbyte nylon gutar sample

    I\'ve been working off and on with an acoustic steel string guitar set. If there is interest I could do a nylon string as well. I don\'t have as much personal interest in it as the steel string so I wasn\'t planning on it. I have a mid-range nylon string- an Esteve with solid top and sides. While it isn\'t one of the very best (and very expensive) Spanish guitars, it should be far better than any synth nylon string sounds. It would probably be about 500 Megs or so. I\'d probably ask a small amount for it, if people are interested.
    Here would be the plan-
    o standard tuning only
    o 4 velocity layers
    o sustain pedal plays samples where all open strings are allowed to vibrate sympathetically

    Is there interest? and what would people like besides this?
    Another issue- what is the proper classical technique for striking a note? Are other strike methods desirable- such as flesh of fingertip, nail, pick?
    Also for my steel string samples I\'m using only capoe during the recording, rather than any fretting, so that I can have consistency between open/non-open notes, and also have longer sustain. Is this desirable for those concerned?

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    Re: It\'s time to make 1 gigbyte nylon gutar sample

    I already have one in the works. I sampled it 3 years ago for the S-1000, but had to stay within the 18 megs of memory in my Akai. The owner of the guitar has agreed to come and redo the sample with me to take advantage of the features and flexibility of the GS.

    The guitar is an incredible sounding Ramirez handmade brazillian rosewood! I think it\'s worth around $12,000! The owner, who will also be the player for the sample session, studied with,(among others), Christopher Parkening.

    The microphone used for the Akai samples was a Fostex MS520p mid/side stereo ribbon, but this time I\'m thinking about using a Crown SASS stereo PZM. Any opinions from you guys about mic choice or anything else concerning this project will be valued and could help assure your needs for a great performance gig will be met. If you\'d like to repond directly my email is <jimboling@mindspring.com>.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Jim B.

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    Re: It\'s time to make 1 gigbyte nylon gutar sample

    Sounds great. (and saves me the trouble of making one!) Plus the matching of guitar and player should be very nice.
    Crown PZMs are the best I know of for PZM, but it\'s an unusual choice - not that it\'s necessarily bad. But unless you have something particular in mind for pzm, you should probably stick with condensors.
    Same goes for ribbon mics. Some people like large diaphragm mics on guitar, but I think more people opt for small diaphragms for guitar, since they tend to be more detailed. I\'d definitely go with stereo, MS and XY would both be fine, particularly for people who want to go to mono to use just one track. I like ORTF best since it\'s mostly mono compatible yet has a little more stereo information to it. Also a spaced pair sligtly below the bridge and one over 12th fret can be effective. Watch out for pointing near the boomy soundhole. In any event I wouldn\'t mic any closer than a foot - 18\" works well for me.
    Make sure to change to new strings before beginning recording, and though I wouldn\'t be bothered, even before every session can help the results.
    Most importantly, let us know how it turns out and if you can make it available! Good luck-

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