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Topic: Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?

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    Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?


    As I only recently purchased GigaSampler, I have been voracious in my search for downloadable (a.k.a. free) samples for my experimentation and use. The gigazone was a large and varied site based somewhere in Russia (I think). Just over the week end the author of the site posted 22 samples of the Hammond Organ \"The Legend\" and warned that he was having trouble with the sponsor of his page. I downloaded all the .zip files (each less than 1 Mb). To my sunrise, the files did not unzip to .gig files like the other samples on his site, but unzipped to .rar or .ro1 files. When I changed the extension to .gig and tried to load them in GS, GS recognized them as gig samples, but said they were unregistered and I need the registration code. Twice I went back to the gigazone.da.ru, but saw no instructions that registration was required or how to register these files. I sent to comments back to the page author asking how I could register, but got no response. Last night I went back to the gigazone to try again, but found that the page was no longer at that address and there was no forwarding link.

    I very much want to get this Hammond sample working on my machine. Has anyone else downloaded the file? Anybody else have problems with the registration? Does anyone know how I can get the registration code or know how defeat the restriction for loading these files into GS? Anybody know the author of this site, where he is or what happened to him?

    Thanks for any information!!!

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    Re: Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?

    The extension .RAR or Rxx is a compressed fileformat much in the same way as .ZIP. You will need a program called WinRAR to unpack it. Usually RAR is used to split large files into smaller chucks so that they are easier to download. The first file in such a file has the .RAR extension and the following files have .R00, .R01 and so forth. Start to unpack .RAR and WinRAR will ask you if you want to unpack all the volumes in the set and you just answer yes and away it goes.

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    Re: Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?

    For some reason, I couldn\'t get into that site? Is that like you provided correct?


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    Re: Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?

    Just while we are still on the subject. I am also new to GS, and would like to find some decent gigs for downloading. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Re: Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?

    Besides this site, I had found wora\'s place )http://members.xoom.com/worrasplace/) and gigazone.da.ru. However, as of last night, gigazone was gone. I do not have the know how to make create all these samples. So, I apprecaite the availability of free stuff from where ever I can get it. Than you Wora! Thank you anyone else!!

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    Re: Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?

    I have notice some of the samples there are from a commercial cd. hmmm.... not sure whats up with that. I think It\'s the Einstein samples and loops Cd,lets just say matches up pretty close in gig format. Not sure if that has to do with why its gone but i\'m sure it will be back. Worra\'s place is a great site for samples

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    Re: Gigazone - Hammond Legend - Registration?

    You can get an evaluation copy of WinRar from http://www.rarsoft.com/
    You will have to rename your files back to .rar.

    Hope this helps

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