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Topic: Latin Brass Loops wanted

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    Latin Brass Loops wanted

    I\'m looking for a CD-ROM with LatinBrass Loops, format Audio or Akai.

    Also welcome are MidiFiles with LatinBrass Licks.

    Anyone here to help me out ?


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    Re: Latin Brass Loops wanted

    HI Wolfgang,

    yes brass is the hardest to get sounds for. Ive been trying to find good saxophones and trp and bone for ages.

    The probelm is that orchestral trps, ok no problem. Lead trumpet for big band stuff...very hard. Variation of attacks for horn sections...very hard.

    Anyone got any suggestions.



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    Re: Latin Brass Loops wanted

    Hi John,

    how do you do ?

    Well, for BrassSounds I found a solution now:
    \'Brass Super Section\'(Akai) from BestService.
    Have you ever heard it ?

    You can check out an example by listen to \'Fiesta\' on my new page

    What I need now are special Brasslicks for all kinds of latin stuff.
    Ok, I\'ll be humble now . If I can found that on MidiFiles, it\'s ok, because I can play it via \'SuperSection\'


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