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Topic: Drum Sample CD

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    Drum Sample CD

    Hi folks.. I am currently looking for a good drum CD. (I just bought the AKAI PETER ERSKINE DRUMS--thanks S-converter-from my friend) I like it, but I would like more different sounding kits. (I can\'t find a decent rim sound) he has Bob Clearmont (sp?) drums for sale... Is this one any good or can you make any recommendations,...Thanks Jim

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    Re: Drum Sample CD

    Bob Clearmountain Drums 1 & 2 are great. I have used both of them in AKAI format. You might also want to check out Bob Clearmountain Percussion and bass which is also superb. I *THINK* the clearmountain disks are made by East West, but I\'m not 100% certain.

    Some other discs that are worthwhile to check out are the Ross garfield library, as well as AMG\'s Neil Conti\'s Funky drums from hell (although I think Neil Conti may only be in s-700 format, although there may be an audio version available).

    Hope that helps


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    Re: Drum Sample CD

    There are a lot of snares in GS format on the Acous Essentials CD ROM at-http://members.xoom.com/esounds
    The price is $59.
    There are mp3 demos etc. to hear it.

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