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Topic: Gigasampler Sound Libraries - Quality?

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    Re: Gigasampler Sound Libraries - Quality?

    Hi there,

    Gigapiano does have some nasty problems,as does gigaharp (i\'ve used them both). Still, gigapiano is usable for some things, however useless for a lot of other things (despite how \'stellar\' all the mags like Keyboard etc etc say it is). I didn\'t much like Gigaharp either, but for different reasons (micing being one of them).

    The other steinway gigapiano samples are actually not AS bad as the stock Gigapiano that ships with Gigasampler, but its not programmed by NemeSys as far as I know, so that could be a contributing factor.

    There are several other NemeSys gigasampler specific libraries that I have not personally tried so I can\'t comment on those. However, \'Gigasampler versions\' of the Miroslav library for instance feature nothing special over the AKAI versions, other than the fact that they\'ve been pre-converted for ease of use.


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    Gigasampler Sound Libraries - Quality?

    I hope to build my primary instrumental library around the Gigasampler and it\'s growing dedicated libraries.

    I\'m very diappointed to learn that Giga Piano (varying velocities) and Giga Harp (mic proximity recording distortion) both have serious problems, and require extensive editing to smooth out, as expressed at Sonic Control by Giga users.

    I am very concerned that there are other Giga instruments with similar major quality problems.

    I ask for an honest Giga-quality overview from the members here. Like some here have mentioned, I\'m into creating, not programming. Thank you.

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    Re: Gigasampler Sound Libraries - Quality?

    As major sound designer and GS-programmer of best service I can assure you that all GS-libraries offered by best service are produced on the highest level. It starts with digitizing the sounds on the 24/32 bit domain and it ends with the finetuning of all parameters. I always try to max out the technical features of a sampler system to reach the highest leven of natural play feeling and realtime control. For GS I have created the Advanced Orchestra (featuring the key dimension mapping) and total piano.

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    Re: Gigasampler Sound Libraries - Quality?

    Thank you, sirs, for the candor.

    Kb reassures me that GigaSampler is \"great-sounding\", adding, \"For best results, you\'ll want to use it (GigaSampler) in conjunction with a PC-based wave editor, such as Steinberg Wavelab or Sonic Foundry Sound Forge.\"

    Two questions -

    Has anyone experience with this technique, and what it is that the Giga stereo streams need help with - full track compression, expansion, limiting, EQ - all the normal stuff?

    Will it be possible to do processing with the Wave editor running simultaneously alongside GigaSampler on the same PC?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Gigasampler Sound Libraries - Quality?

    Dave of NemeSys here. Of course we and a number of musicians who love these libraries will simply have to agree to disagree on much of this. Library opinions can be subjective and of course, nothing is flawless either. In the end, you have to check things out for yourself and get what works for you.
    I thought I would add a couple thoughts though. The libraries like Miroslav will offer more than the simple Akai conversions. If you have seen the work that Holger did on the Advanced Orchestra, you will get the idea of what a GigaSampler version can offer. There are keyswitch and layer combinations that offer most of an instruments articulations accessible in realtime on a single MIDI channel instead of having to use up several channels and cut and paste with a sequencer. Also, Miroslav has tuned and tweaked these versions to improve them. Future harps will probably be miked close and far giving the user both options depending on what they are doing. With the current GigaHarp, I get fine results by panning it to the left a bit, pulling down the volume and adding ambience\\reverb when I want the orchestral setting. If I want something more intimate, I bring it up, to the center with less reverb. There are also two variations of velocity curves to check out. Also, don\'t forget to try out the Glissando mapping or MIDI files.
    If you can create libraries that you like better or know of any, be sure and keep us informed. Our main emphasis is creating the platform. As for the GigaPiano, you may wish to try different velocity curves on the MIDI keyboard. I haven\'t found it to be \"useless\" for anything yet. To each his own.
    Take care

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    Re: Gigasampler Sound Libraries - Quality?

    Best Service always does seem to put out some great high quality stuff (AO is exceptional).

    As for harp samples, I\'ve always found sampled glissandi to be incredibly useless, since its so hard to just plop in stock glissandi of any instrument unless you write an your entire piece around it. I do believe I have found the perfect way to sample an orchestral harp though so that it is useable beyond the typical \'pluck pluck\' cliches, and I am positive nobody else (not even with Gigaharp) has done it before.

    As for gigapiano, try performing complex jazz or even classical works where special attention must be paid to dynamics, ornamentation and articulation. It can be nasty. But it can be fixed with the re-progamming of the entire thing, so not all is lost (mainly time involved in reprogramming and adjusting it).


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