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Topic: Exclusive samples

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    Exclusive samples

    Help! I\'m vacillating between an S5000 and a GigaSampler but I\'m concerned about the reported inability of GS samples to cut each other off, e.g. a closed hat stopping an open hat. I\'m I mis-informed about this?

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    Re: Exclusive samples

    This feature will be part of the upcoming version and a very advaced one at that.

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    Re: Exclusive samples


    This begs that question we are all consummed with... When (roughly speaking of course)?

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    Re: Exclusive samples

    Dave -

    Is it possible for you to divulge, at this time, what the general areas of improvement might be?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Exclusive samples

    It\'s all pretty much top secret. Many of the items in the wishlist in this forum are being addressed though.
    I have no dates on when the software will be available but the new features would likely be revealed durring the winter NAMM show.
    Take care

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    Re: Exclusive samples

    Thanks Dave

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