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Topic: Acous. Gtr strum samples,etc.

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    Acous. Gtr strum samples,etc.

    There is a new GS format CD ROM with Acous. gtr strums, Bass, Drums,etc... http://members.xoom.com/esounds
    There \'s mp3 demos, etc.

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    Re: Acous. Gtr strum samples,etc.

    Thanks for the information and the link. It looks and sounds real cool. We will follow up on it and review it. Also, we will be releasing Jim Corrigan\'s Nashvile high strung guitars pretty shortly. It\'s a similar library but more specialized for the country music sound with all sorts of secret Nashville techniques for that authentic sound and very pristeen. The guitar sampling world is starting to look real good!

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    Re: Acous. Gtr strum samples,etc.

    Welcome back Dave!

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    Re: Acous. Gtr strum samples,etc.

    He\'s back!!!
    How was europe!!!

    PaPa Chalk

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