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Topic: To Dave of Nemesys

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    To Dave of Nemesys

    Although still a neophyte, I have learned much about GS and answered my own stupid questions. But, please help me with this one: I interface thru Layla with Cakewalk. When I am recodring audio and not using GS, I would like to not activate GS as it uses more of the CPU than I would like. What I have found, however, is that for Cakewalk to identify the output ports of the Layla, I first have to start GS and then CW. I can close GS, but the CPU is still slowed down. CW has become a slave to GS. Is there a work around here so that CW can be free and independent of GS? Thanks for your consideration and prompt answer.

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    Re: To Dave of Nemesys

    It\'s very simple. Just go to the MIDI devices page where you choose all the MIDI in and outs and devices. Just unselect the GigaSampler Endless wave from the output list. When you want the GigaSampler back, re select it.
    Hope this helps.

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