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Topic: Electric bass library?

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    Electric bass library?

    I\'ve been using Roland\'s M-BD1 Bass & Drums sound expansion module for a while. It\'s been great as a scratch pad for musical ideas, but the sound quality isn\'t really good enough for recording. Well, I guess that\'s what you get when you squeeze all those sounds in a ridiculously small 4 meg ROM..

    Now, I was thinking that GigaSampler equipped with a decent sample library easily could replace and out-do the M-BD1 and its limited 4 meg bank. Has anyone got recommendations on decent electric bass sample libraries? I\'m after all sorts and styles; rock, funk, fretless, you name it. Ideas?

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    Re: Electric bass library?

    WILL LEE is all you need. Sounds great and has enough instruments and playing techniques to fit any style.Great great CD !!!!

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    Re: Electric bass library?

    Hi Murex,

    there is a CD-ROM(AkaiFormat) available(BestService), called \'BassLegends\', wich containes the same BassSounds that are stored at \'M-BD 1\', plus a couple of good loops.


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