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Topic: My thoughts about GigaStudio in general.

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    My thoughts about GigaStudio in general.

    First of all, I think it is a great product or could be a great product if all the \"little\" details get fixed. Working with all the other samplers in the studio (Roland, Emu, Akai) on a daily basis, I can see the potential of this new sampler concept. The promise of a great instrument was so great that I finally gave up my resistance against the PC after over 10years of Mac experience and started to look under Bill Gates hood. As i expected, lot of problems and troubleshooting went straight to the windows environment and not direct to the GigaStudio itself even if they are somehow related.

    About all the complaints about Nemesys and their support, I have to agree most of the time, although I can understand the circumstances. This is not unique to this company but a terrible development in the software industry. The competition is so strong and the money is so little that most of the companies can\'t afford to develop a software product and test it in the alpha and beta stage. Instead the enduser became now the beta tester for the product for which he has to pay for. Like it or not it is the reality. Even most of the user would rate a good customer support as very high on their list, most of the companies don\'t have it. If they have a number to call, then be prepared to hold for at least an hour or pay 3$/minute on a 900 number. I would bet ProTools makes more money on their 900 number than on software sales. If you work professional with a software product and you start to count the hours=$, then you would realize that some of these $99 or a few hundred $ programs could cost you a couple of thousand $.
    Thank god for the internet. Most of the software programs would be useless without the internet and all the forums, newsgroups and mailinglists for specific programs. They don\'t talk about tips and tricks and how to get better on your system, they are 99% troubleshooting, and the time you are reading or writing to them - it will be your time=$.

    Manual - the second worst nightmare after tech support. Nemesys goes to this \"hall of fame of the worst\"! Even when the GigaSampler came out and the whole concept of a hard disk-based sampler was pretty new, there was nothing in the manual which really explained the concept and how it was different to a regular RAM based sampler. Instead it started right away with: \"if you click here, then that happens and if you click here, then something else happens, and you can use a shortcut which goes like this...\" No structure whatsoever. The new GigaStudio manual is not much better. Oh, you are right there is no manual, I used that great \"print\" feature and printed all the online help pages out. What a nightmare, half the pages are double and a lot of pages have just a few lines (sorry Mr Rainforest). A lot of stuff isn\'t explained at all. Don\'t you like that, if you have a gear and there is a term from a display or a menu and it isn\'t even listed in the index nor the whole manual.

    So that should be enough, I just wanted to share my pain with the rest of you.
    And let me now share my experience and questions. I have encountered some strange behavior which I think might be bugs. I will list this on the other threat where someone made already the suggestion of a bug list. Such a bug list should be a Nemesys\' website.
    I will create a separate post for the questions to specific issues to keep better track of it.

    Thanks already for all the messages on the forum, they were already of great help for me so far.

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    Re: My thoughts about GigaStudio in general.

    Hi Edgar
    I dont have giga studio yet [just giga sampler] but I will be getting it before the upgrade deadline of july 1rst. Any way I agee with you that the documentation is not very good .
    Also your quote about waiting on the phone for hours or calling 900 #s for tech support. I the past I would purchase A item souly on the merits of the product it self ,but I have learned to reseach product support before buying . I made the mistake of buying a Heward Packard cdr ,and I have never been able to call them and ask them one simple question about the problems ive had with it . The manual say.s you can call this # under the warranty period [ but that # is not working ] or you can call us at the 900 # for $25 per incedent [Im sure that # is working ]. Or you can use the internet and see frequently ask questions about problems and how to resolve them[ the examples are always very limited and rarely affect my issues ].
    So hopefully we can all use product support as a factor in purchasing an item . And when a company see,s there business decrease after they inacted this new no support policy.Only then will they change .Thats why I will no longer buy Hewlett Packard Products .
    As far as rating Nemesys tech support , I think they are very good . Ive never had to wait on line long periods of time to reach them. Ken

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