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Topic: Sensorship..strange things

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    Sensorship..strange things

    Im a tad suspect about a few things.
    The apparant sensorship that happens here and there on this forum. I\'ve noticed a couple of massages gone missing, a few urls that are tampered with.

    Come on. Open it up, let it all be.
    Let readers decide whats of worth and what isnt.


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    Re: Sensorship..strange things

    I\'ve noticed this too. Whats up with that? The notion of censoring out urls for no apparent reason is insulting to NemeSys users/customers and it is disturbing to think that censorship like this goes on in a \'public forum\' endorsed by a world class corporation like NemeSys. It\'s probably not the fault of NemeSys at all, but it is still rather frustrating, whatever the case, especially if it\'s going to block me or anyone else for that matter from learning about music etc etc through secondary sites.
    This is an official site for NemeSys customers is it not? Or is it just another excuse to plug an on-line store with traffic graciously provided solely by NemeSys? Anyway whatever is going on is complete crap. I\'ll end this post here because I\'ll be physically sick if the site moderators turn this into another useless \'more on strings\' flame war.


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    Re: Sensorship..strange things

    Hey Guys,

    please give my some details. I really want to know the truth.
    I\'m waiting for a statement from PapaChalk too.


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    Re: Sensorship..strange things

    Sensoring has started since the end of the old forum when east-west was banned from this forum. Since the new forum things have only gotten worse (the www.***.com). I wouldn\'t take things on this forum as an honest opion of GS users. After all this is not a Nemesys site but Northern sound service who happen to be a commercial company. There nothing against this, only the fact that NSS does not inform us of their policy.

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    Re: Sensorship..strange things

    Hello Guys read your posts here. As stated when everyone registerd on this forum we want to keep this forum about gigasampler. Some have chosen to do otherwise using the forum for other purposes like bickering etc.
    We have never changed these rules and they are clearly stated when everyone registered.
    We have no reason to bar or censor anyone unless they break these rules. As with all things there is always someone who will want to break rules not everyone likes rules.
    To date we\'ve only had 3 this is very low (not even close to 1%)considering the amount of users registerd. All parties who have broken these rules know why and have ample opportunity to email us if they have broken any of our rules, so far none have.(posting illegal software bickering etc.)
    Here is the rules everyone agreed to when they registerd there is no way you can miss it you have to agree in order to post.
    Registration for this bulletin board is completely free! If you agree to abide by our rules below, you should press the \"Agree\" button, which will enable you to register. If you do not agree, press the \"Cancel\" button.
    Welcome to the GigaSampler user forums. This Site is by Giga Sampler user\'s for GigaSampler user\'s. We hope this will be of help to everyone. Please keep this discussion free of bickering with each other. We are here to help each other get the best use out of Nemesys GigaSampler. We are user\'s of their awesome product. If you can help some one with a problem or you have some input about GigaSampler please post an article.
    Please no requests for or trading of copyright software or sample Cd\'s. You will be banned if you do so.
    Please no third party commercial advertising if you would like to advertise please contact us at gigauser@cgocable.net .

    Buy sell & trade is for non commercial use.

    PaPa Chalk

    [This message has been edited by PaPa Chalk (edited 12-03-1999).]

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    Re: Sensorship..strange things

    Ok.. so that explains missing messages.. but how does that explain censored links? how can links be used maliciously unless it was some porno link or something? Very interesting.. hmmm...

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    Re: Sensorship..strange things

    The policy seems inconsistent and very subjectively applied. If you\'ve noticed, EmulatorFour is no longer posting on this board - because his IP has been banned.

    He\'s posted a statement elsewhere off this site regarding this (ie. check that infamous censored site) but personally I think he may have been overly critical of some of this Forum\'s censorship policies and made himself persona non grata.

    I submit that if posts can go missing, they can also be edited. I\'m not familiar with the capabilities of Ultraboard, but there\'s a smell in the air and it stinks.

    Signing off from Northern Sounds,
    Reed Kazumi-Kynes

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    Re: Sensorship..strange things

    With regards to cencorship, we at Northern Sounds have never edited nor will ever edit a user\'s post. In fact, if anyone edits a post it is clearly indicated at the bottom of the post. You merely have to read previous posts to see that no post has ever been changed by us, including negative comments towards us. With regards to the barring of users and urls, we take this matter very seriously; therfore, we do not on a whim decide to bar someone. As moderators of this forum, Papa and myself have to maintain structure and order. We cannot align ourselves with sites that have questionable practicies nor individuals who consistantly disregard the rules of this forum. We do not use this forum to debase other companies or individuals, nor do we condone others using the forum for this purpose. There is no great \"conspiracy theory\", we have lives and barely have time to maintain this site, much less devise and execute diabolical schemes. Let\'s put this to rest once and for all and use the GigaSampler User\'s Forum for what it is intended, the discussion of topics relevant to GigaSampler.

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