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Topic: Mixdown w/Cubase 3.7

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    Mixdown w/Cubase 3.7

    Hi, does anyone know how I can mixdown all my midi/gigasampler tracks along with my audio tracks into a single wav file? I tried using the export audio file option but that only gave me the audio tracks with the midi/gigasampler tracks silent.

    Can this be done or will I have to use the GS audio capture and them import the wav as another audio track into cubase to complete the final mix?

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    Re: Mixdown w/Cubase 3.7

    I capture each GStudio track to wave (separately) and then import them into Cubase. Then I apply plugin FX as desired.
    It\'s simple, and I have the required \"synchronization\" settings saved as part of the DEF.ALL file.

    The \"export audio\" will then include the GStudio (audio) tracks. I wonder why Steinberg doesn\'t use the term \"mixdown\"?


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    Re: Mixdown w/Cubase 3.7

    That\'s what I was afraid of. This seems like an incredible pain in the *** . I tried this but the audio capture util starts recording immmediately and doesn\'t wait until I\'ve pressed play in cubase. This results in the start point of each captured wav file being a little different, thus messing up the entire mix. How do you keep the tracks synchronized? There\'s got to be an easier way to do this! Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Mixdown w/Cubase 3.7

    Hi Reason...
    It\'s a solution for your problem
    Giga Wave Capture has a \'Sync\' to your sequencer
    press \'sync\' button and set your sequencer
    sync setting

    then... you click record...then it will wait till you press play on your sequencer

    hope this help..

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    Re: Mixdown w/Cubase 3.7


    I can give you the configuation required for Cakewalk and Cubase.


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    Re: Mixdown w/Cubase 3.7

    Thanks guys, for Cubase 3.7 I went to Options->Synchronization and set MIDI TimeCode and MIDI Clock to Gigasampler and it worked.

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