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Topic: General MIDI gigs

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    General MIDI gigs

    I have just about convinced a friend of mine to switch from his SB Live to GS. However he is a performing musician and relies heavily on his Soundfont General Midi libraries. Is there a good GM library out the for use with the GS? He will be converting his custom stuff to Wave files using Vienna then the GS Editor to build a new instrument and insert in his \"GM\" giga library.

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    Re: General MIDI gigs


    The 500MB Conexant General midi librarie is totaly integrated with the GS 1.6 Version.

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    Re: General MIDI gigs

    According to Nemesys the Conexant library won\'t be available till January at the earliest. Any other ideas?

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    Re: General MIDI gigs


    Sorry about that one. If you really need your system setup right away, I to would be glad if any one could come up with any ideas regarding any general MIDI libraries for the GS!?

    Any one???

    Regards Mike!

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