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Topic: GigaStudio & Emagic's VS-Logic

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    GigaStudio & Emagic\'s VS-Logic

    Anyone using Emagic\'s VS-Logic sequencer for the VS-1680 with GigaStudio?

    My problem is, for example, when I play midi events from channel 1 of the sequencer, midi channel & port setting matching the GS\'s, I can\'t get any sound from GS.

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    Re: GigaStudio & Emagic\'s VS-Logic

    Hmmn, sounds the same problem as we are having with Logic Audio 4. See my separate post \"Workaround for Logic Audio & GigaStudio.\" It may just help!

    // Charl

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    Re: GigaStudio & Emagic\'s VS-Logic

    I\'m more of a songwriter than a computer techno. I\'ll have a go @ it. I found a step-by-step in the midlpbk file. I\'ll let you know what i\'ve screwd...err, what I\'ve accomplished.

    Thanks for posting your messages!

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    Re: GigaStudio & Emagic\'s VS-Logic


    1000,000,000,..err, unlimited THANK YOUs! It works!

    Without the internet & people like you with particular insight, this would not have been possible for me!

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